.mpc Files - What are they?

Well, flac and ape are lossless. They just maintain the quality but reduce size. You may want to compress and decompress the wave file and compare it to the original afterwards.
AFA lossy formats go, well, I’ll never use them.

Yeah. Not many people use FLAC and APE for actual listening. Typically they’re used for archival.

A lossless copy of a CD track will be bit-identical to the CD track but smaller and you can tag it.

It is impossible to be bit-identical but yet smaller. Just think about it and you have to agree. :slight_smile:

Yes. :slight_smile: What I mean is when you decode the lossless file, the result will be bit-identical to the original WAV.

But since I don’t know the length of the OP’s attention span, I try to put things in as few words as possible.