MPC - Easy CD-DA Extractor

i have a couple of mpc files which i would like to convert to the standard mp3 format, my problem is that i am really clueless about the right configurations i should use.(Easy CD-DA Extractor)
if for instance i have an mpc audio file which runs at 128kbit, and i convert it to 192kbit(cd quality) mp3 file, would it not spoil the sound quality?

is there any program which samples mpc files and automatically matches the right mp3 conversion configurations?

Save a backup copy of your .mpc file and try converting at different rates. If 192kbit is the default, give it a try. Remember, you are starting off with a compressed file so a higher bit rate will not necessarily improve the sound – except for the fact that your .mp3 might play where the .mpc won’t play. BTW, 192kb is not cd quality, it is a “good” quality compressed bit rate.

Also — I recommend that you try the FREEWARE :clap: Exact Audio Copy or Cdex rippers.

Thank you very much for your quick response.

There is just one more thing that still puzzles me, if i take an mpc file of low quality and convert it into an mp3 file of high quality, you say it will not improve the sound, but would it ruin it?

If you start with a low-quality source you cannot “add” quality, but no, conversion would not ruin the sound. A good .mp3 encoder is regarded to have nice sound quality – your converted file should sound nearly identical, if not the same, as the original as long as you use a higher bit rate than the original. The LAME .mp3 encoder (which I believe comes with Cdex, EAC, and others) is popular, and the 192Kbs vbr is commonly used for good sound in portable players.