MPAA's New Anti-Piracy Plan - Solution?

Lets get one thing straight - im no computer Wizz, but i read the Article about the MPAA hiring Bay TSP to find potential movie sharers by the movie name and i couldnt help thinking ‘So change the name’ or use ‘L33t speak’ but then something hit me.

When i was a kid in primary school i went through the ‘codes’ stage, just like anyone else where you would create a code to mask what you were saying. What if a website decided to “code” the name of it’s trackers and host the decryption on it’s website which would require registration and logging of the IP (Which would be safepeer protected), then change the whole code every 3 days? Think about it… with the sheer thousands of torrents that pop up every day, would this be an effective way of combating such a move from the MPAA as it would make tracking names much, much harder especially with everyone else using their own, different code.

As i said, it’s just an idea. What do you think?

Example: a bittorrent file would be named :

"00 *j,0-**SD(_“

The “” being the place where the decryption is located. Not sure how this would work on sites that host other sites files though, but maybe a very vague description would be the way?

you can’t stop anybody with ip block, there are just too many IPs.

The plan sounds good in theory (the MPAA’s anti-piracy plan I mean) which is why it’ll be effective in discouraging some file sharers. That’s all it will actually achieve along with a couple of token arrests.

But this will only stop ppl distributing “new” files tho. It wont stop ppl that are sharing “old” files I dont think.


I think the only effective method that would reduce the software’s performance would be if users were to stick their movies or content into a zip file or some other compressed archive. In this case, one would need to get hold of the entire file before they can view it.

Since the software needs to download a sample to verifiy that it is an infringing copy, by requiring the whole file to be downloaded first would mean that by the time the software pulls down the entire file chances are that other users would have obtained a full copy. By this time stage while the movie industry can fight off and sue the owner of the initial source (assuming they are not located in a difficult to target country), many other sources may have a full copy online.

However no matter what method a user makes a movie available, if an end user can download it and figure out how to play it, then the movie industry can do the same if it means they must resort to manually doing the searching and decoding themselves. Basically what their aim appears to be is to sue those who initially make the copies online such that over time others will be less tempted to become the first seed for a movie. Then again as I mentioned I’m not sure how effective their technique will be if the users who are sharing the content are outside the US.

What about DC ++ hubs? Ive seen hubs that only let you enter after you have obtained a password and are sharing a certain amount of certain types of files. Say for example you want to download movies you can only enter the hub and start downloading if you are sharing say 25 GB of movies.

Of course, no-one is saying this is going to stop filesharing altogether or anything, not even the guys that are implementing it. In my opinion this is just another stunt to frighten people enough so they’ll stop using BT. They’ve already said before that they’re going to sue people, so there’s nothing that new or groundbreaking about this announcement at all.

often done already (said the little bird on my shoulder).

Scare tactic,nothing more.
It will never sink that techology is on p2p’s side.
They don’t realise that with the advent of p2p their huge profit margins for sh*t films\music are now finished.Re-release and re-release.But they still win…why…
Blueray HD etc ,all films will then again be RE-RELEASED fo rthese formats.Money fr old rope and yet hey still moan and complain they lose millions yet according to real figures they are on record profits…GO FIGURE.

ok think about it this way if you say to the great’s programer you are baned from makeing program’s again is he going to listin no I think not. same wit hacker’s and cracker’s no matter wat u do u will never ever stop it. peer 2 peer has been around from the time of pc’s were made in are back yard. do u think the hacker’s will stop ripping game for bit’s or just stop hacking to make thing’s free for all I think not :wink:

I remember way back when the RIAA first made Napster filter its searches so people couldn’t get copyrighted music.

People came up with the “code” solution immediately thereafter. Actually, it was pig-Latin that we used. Dumb but effective, since nobody was watching us… the block was purely software.

Hello Everyone, find this to be an interesting topic. I am someone who has been indentified for uploading copyrighted material from my computer. My Internet Service Provider is Adelphia Power Link. The copyright holder contacted my ISP and my cable modem was disabled.

I think using codes is a great ideal. Never felt comfortable that the music, movie, software, or tv series name is right there for all to see. What a host sight can do is rename the file to something like mov92312.avi for AlienVsPredator.AVI (Example). The end user will simply rename the file after the download is complete. I also suggest do not share files for very long.

i was thinking about that two, it makes sense on paper to go after the new files only, and the first ppl who post them, because if the files where either leaked, or ghetto copied <ie vid cam in theater> then posted online, the first ppl who post it can be directly linked to the original copiers/leakers, in theory of coarse.

if this is the plan of the mpaa, i think it can curb the amount of pre-releases overthe net, and stoping the copy rings arround them. how it will all work, i dont know.

but, several tactics that i dont know if they have been used to the fullest yet include the following:

ISP law- make the isp liable for what happens on there servers, but will cuase more problems then they solve and wront work.

server law- hold the person who owns the server responsable for keeping movie files on the net after notification of there wherabouts. this could work because a server administrator can go to the account identified, delete the files, cancle the account, bar future trade with the accused.

fair use warnings: when identifying content shares on p2p networks, instead of threaing to sue them for millions of dollars if they dont pay you $10,000 like riaa does which is a violation of federal anti racketering laws but there to rich for the law to apply to them, offer none money settlements such ass

  1. delete all files

  2. comunity service promoting copy right laws and information to discurage future downloads, if the guy accross the street hands out fliers door to door saying he was caught and tracked down for sharing files and faces jail time comes to your house, im sure it would scare you straight.

  3. contract agreement- if cought a second time user agrees to plead no contest to copyright infringment and so forth. this is the gate keeper, if your cought a second time, you get jail time and a find, no out of court settlement. this thrid thing will garantee that person or those he talks to will never share another file again.

God Bless Europe! God bless my country! :cool:

I am not a person who thinks everyone has the right to pirate Software, Music or Movies, but on the other hand, all this is way too expensive. I only know about music and those “small artists” who are said to lose their living because of all those bad pirates, but if I see what the cost of the media, jewel case, booklet is, how little the artist receives, and where all the remaining money goes, I have a problem understanding the price of an Audio CD, e.g.

Why do those “small artists” receive little money and very little marketing from the big corporations while the Big Ones like Madonna or the untalented ones chosen in stupid “Pop Star Shows” receive lots of media attention, marketing, ads and so on? What is this?? Equal chance/risk distribution???

Music corporations are on their way making themselves obsolete - as I understand, when Recording Equipment and LP Production Lines and “communication” with the consumer were expensive, their task was to help unknown artists to become known. But today, if you are not one of those Frankenspears “musicians”, you will get no attention. Bertelsmann: Older than 20 or 22? Record contract? Forget it, we cannot get enough money out of you. Stupid game show winner? Come on lets make 2 or 3 records. If they dont sell well, we will drop you anyway.

So, p2p is a good thing. I saw yesterday “The Day After Tomorrow” DVD can be bought for 10 EUR, many others, quite new blockbusters too … even those opposing p2p and pirating must admit, prices would be much higher without the pressure illegal downloads impose on DVD prices. As I am more a music buyer, I hope the same will be true for Audio CDs…

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

Greetz, oman

The internet was never orginally seen as a threat or believe me it would not have been allowed to develop.
Instead of corporations being in control,we,the people,are in control.
As with any war,unfortunately,there will be casualties,thankfully small in comparision to actual users.

I don’t doubt music and film companies lose money but nothing like the figures they enjoy throwing out,most people who download would not buy anyway,so far less sales are lost than they make out.

They have the money to fight but the sheer numbers involved makes it an impossible task.
It will however lead to faster development of more secure p2p applications.

Shutting down a few BT sites simply meant the smallers ones got fed more users.

Groups will soon start using where uploaders will only connect to a smaller ,trusted number of users.
These groups will grow by invite only so increasing the quality and security of the network.
100,000’s of smaller groups will cause the mpaa untold expense to even comtemplate finding.

Bring your prices RIGHT down,in 10 years you won’t be buying dvd’s from a shop anyway so they have the perfect opportunity to start now,fair prices $6 a full dvd max and they’d KO p2p but it won’t happen.
They are too greedy and stupid to realise they would make MORE doing this,hell p2p users would use the service(at $6 dollars a retail dvd).

The world has now changed and so has the balance of power,in the consumers favour.
Everyday people who do not download hate the film and music industry now,and they are simply tomorrows new p2p users.

Lets face it if they didn’t pay someone $25,000,00 per film s othey could start a decent online service.
These “famous” singers and film stars are usually so far up there arse due the amount of money they have,they have so much they have everything so do drugs cause they want for nothing.

I’d class $5,000,000 enough to have a very nice lifestyle fo the rest of their lives.
We are to blame really,we idolise these “stars” when they are nothing better than us,they simply have their faces on a screen or their voice on a cd.

i am one of them people that never downloaded game’s till i had someone there saying this is a iso it is are cd img made so you can upload to cd or use this program to mount it i alway’s just download song’s but went out and got game after game after game and now i got over 200 game’s i play one time not even online just played there demo and love that one stage and was to dumb to think that if this is the demo why not put the best stage in so over 10.000 bucks on game’s i dont play long then 2 or 3 day’s to me they are ripping me off. I got warcraft 3 the day i got my pc over a year ago now and i am still playing warcraft love it i am on it every day but as for the rest well my mate love’s me so now i download them if they make are game that will keep me going like FF7 i will pay my money.


FF 11 was one game i waited over 2 years for to come out in the aus {australia} and when it did i payed $100 for it then i get home just going insane waitting for it to install then i find out after i payed $100 for this game i got to pay to play again cus it was all online so here are all my mate’s and me just crying hard so i say unless they stop ripping us all off i am downloading.