MPAA’s 2011 report says movie business is booming globally but 3D is not



I just posted the article MPAA’s 2011 report says movie business is booming globally but 3D is not.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has proudly released their annual Theatrical Market Statistics Report for 2011, and members of the MPAA have released a statement bragging of world growth – up 3% internationally from 2010 – claiming the movie industry is still one of the most affordable forms of entertainment for consumers, and at the same time brandishing piracy for stealing their works and threatening to undo the industry.

Read the full article here: [’s-2011-report-says-movie-business-is-booming-globally-but-3d-is-not-60721/](’s-2011-report-says-movie-business-is-booming-globally-but-3d-is-not-60721/)

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What a load of **(^&(^ yeah right like anyone believes what comes out of their Bung hole anymore. They already lost credibility long ago and more like they are a one hit wonder and have nothing else to show for it. I would say streaming and rental dvd are what people are doing more. And what only reason they say its up is the prices went up what else would they not say they are making more after bending over the customer for jack. They haven’t done anything to improve the model and it’s dying they need a reality check maybe a movie about MPAA/RIAA needs a reality check to put the check back into the reality that they are running a unsustainable model that is broken and corrupt with GREED and who cares about the rest of the Artists or consumers and what they want.


Avatar in 3d was awesome. Easily the best 3D ever.
Since then, the movie industry had attempted to disguise lack of plot & poor filmography by making the film 3d, and then charging a premium for it.

In a world with internet and imdb/rotten tomatoes, consumers are better educated, and we aren’t falling for their usual advertising waffle that’s crammed down our throats by media saturation.

The movies industry needs to lift their game, rather than blamestorming.