MPAA wins Wired Kids



I just posted the article MPAA wins Wired Kids.

 Well I  never thought I'd see the day but the MPAA is just gettin' kudos all around for  their efforts to stop movie piracy. The MPAA are now the proud champions of the  Wired Kids Award. This...
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“Some kids said they had never knew what file sharing was.” They do now… :wink: “What’s oddly amusing about this program is that the MPAA gets to do this for free. It doesn’t cost them a penny to run this program cause it’s paid for by the taxpayers. Welcome to the U.S.A…” Now this is just wrong. Serving their own agenda with taxpayers money. They say ppl steal the music, but they themselves steal taxpayers money at the same time… another irony, one of the many.


Sounds like an early attempt to brainwash young, naive children so as to restrict their thinking.


While I’m not going to defend illegal movie downloading, I will agree this is brainwashing. Although I think the fact the MPAA (a for profit company) is getting a free ride off of MY taxpayer money here. The US is really getting screwed up when private companies can get a free ride from tax dollars. If the MPAA want to run propiganda, that’s fine, just fund it with their own money. Whatever happened to “by the people, for the people”, since when was it rewritten to “by the people, for the business”???
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The part of this that hits me the wrong way is that the copyright “class” is designed by the MPAA. Call me skeptical but I am afraid it is presented from their point of view and will not give an accurate picture of the situation. Just as history books that we “learned” from when I was a tot are now known to be inaccurate and painted pretty pictures for the right people. At least then the teachers didn’t win a prize for brainwashing their students…I see where the teachers win a big prize too if they turn out a winning pupil. I can’t imagine allowing such dubious shenanigans to go in in the school. It’s really sad how some people can set aside their conscience, and brainwash a kid for some free movies. :r


“Whatever happened to “by the people, for the people”, since when was it rewritten to “by the people, for the business”???” About 1777 after some politicians figured out that there is a buck to made ‘serving’ the public. The tradition has carried on ever since, or should I say, dollars and cents? :wink:


Creepy stuff. Everytime u rent that Hollywoord DVD, or buy that DVD, or watch that movie, u are supporting this.


I’ll have to assume most MPAA management have 5 dicks cos you can’t get that silly playing with one…:X


And ironically, it’s from Wired Kids, a US organization which, says the MPAA, exists "to raise awareness about online threats such as predators and pornography, as well as the potential dangers of privacy and piracy.
Yup, got to be really careful about that. Privacy can be a very dangerous thing indeed.:stuck_out_tongue: