MPAA wants some movies not to be recorded

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Film makers and share holders in the entertainment industry are happy with the MPAA’s announcement yesterday. The Motion Picture Association of America wants some movies to be protected against DVR…

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Well, considering I can usually download a pretty good copy of a movie less than 48 hours after it’s theatre release, I don’t think this is big news at all. And who cares what the FCC thinks anyway? Most of them are just sitting around waiting for their PoliGrip to harden. They’re as useful as the Canadian Senate. Just in case anyone was wondering… yes, I’m the sum of all evil.

I agree with the comments from DukeNukem totally but would like to add the fact that another attempt to prevent copying will again have no purpose for the ones really willing to record. Are we forgetting the cables and such from the past that corrected all kinds of limitations? Stop wasting time on nonsense and make some proper contant again that is actually worth paying for… and your provlems will be solved. IO stay with my opinion where 90% of all downloads would not be purchased if the downloads had not been available…

They never learn, do they?

“Distribution over insecure outputs would facilitate the illegal copying and redistribution of this high value content, causing untold damage to the DVD and other ‘downstream’ markets,” This was the best part – what was the last movie that you considered “high value content”??? (No, I am not an old timer whining about the good old days – I actually enjoy mostly movies past the 70s, but it seems like the last few years have been all about lame superhero movies and other weakly written BS).

@Duke 48hrs? LOL…Since when are cams/TS good quality? TC, if done well, sure. But if you consider cams/TS ‘good’ quality then I may see why you think DVD looks the same as BluRay/HD-DVD. I’m starting to think you are the sum of all retardation.

@ BluBalls Some of the cams I download are pretty good, even on a 50" screen. They’re not DVD quality, but very watchable. And no, I don’t think DVD looks the same as Blu-ray on a larger screen. On a smaller screen, say 32", I’m guessing you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between DVD and Blu-ray from 8 feet away. Now, about the name calling. We don’t stand for that kind of thing here at CDFreaks. Maybe if you got off your mom more often and left the trailer park you’d see that there are all kinds of things you don’t know about, like dental hygiene and sociel niceties.

omg total burn

@Duke They should just call you nuke. You obviously know nothing. I live in a nice, upper middle class suburb. I have a 1080p LCD and an HD media player in which I watch x264/XviD/(W)VC-1 rips and full BLuRays/HD-DVD’s. I’m relaxin’ in the sun, fuckin’ my wife and blazin’ green and HD at night and you’re feezin’ your dumb Canadian ass who’s eastern half doesn’t seem to like American bank cards, what a joke. You still use a 32" CRT TV? HA…who’s the trailer tash now? :stuck_out_tongue:

“who’s the trailer tash now?” With comments like “I’m relaxin’ in the sun, fuckin’ my wife and blazin’ green and HD at night”, Im pretty sure who the real trailer trash is…

@ drum Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. You gave me a good laugh, though. @ BluBalls Tsk tsk tsk. You’re a sad little man. I had hoped you would’ve lasted a bit longer before resorting to the “F” word. Congratulations, sir. You are a true vulgarian.

Duke, you act like you never heard these words before. Is the 'F" word not in the Canadian dictionary? Do they have dictionaries in Canada? Is there some kind of censorship here? I thought the web was supposed to be about freedom of expression? Maybe a person like you would really like the DRM that the BDA has to offer. And what you guys aren’t married? Girls probably wouldn’t touch most of you here any way. Off to blaze again… :S

@BluBalls; Freedom of expression is always encouraged here, but I draw the line at vulgar comments which have no value other than to be demeaning towards another… The ‘F’ word is a deragotory slang term and it serves no legitimate purpose than to be used in a deragotory way… Dont get me wrong, I love the debates regarding the different views expressed on this site, but if its going to be replaced by name calling and vulgarities, then I’m against it regardless of whom it may be…

@ Hypnosis4U2NV I couldn’t have said it better.

@Bluballs, you’ve every right to use your freedom of expression, since this is the foundation of western civillisation. But, please understand that most of use don’t like your vulgar contributions. It’s up to you what you do with it. Greetings from Holland. Peter