MPAA vs. Google: MPAA planned aggressive attack to curtail piracy



We’ve just posted the following news: MPAA vs. Google: MPAA planned aggressive attack to curtail piracy[newsimage][/newsimage]

The MPAA set up a little lie to push its piracy-fighting agenda. Said “little lie” involved the entire public identity of our favorite search engine, Google.

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sorry to disagree, A.E.Wallace, but the intention was to curtail Google, not piracy! the entertainment industries are adamant that if they can bring Google to it’s knees, the rest of the Internet will be easy to crumble! the biggest problem is, that with so many governments, politicians and law makers accepting ‘incentives’ stopping the industries is taking too long. the number of businesses that haven’t even got going because of the demands the industries expect to be met is innumerable! the progress of just about everything else, entertainment wise, has been halted and if they could, which is what they keep trying to do, is back almost 4 generations! think of what this planet could have achieved in that time and i’m talking about all manner of things, not entertainment. but this so called part of the world, the part that is supposed to be ‘free’ is more laboured down, more held back that what is referred to as a depressive government. the problem is easily solved but there isn’t a single politician in any country that has got the marbles to tell the industries to f**k off, grow up and start joining the rest of the planet as it tries to join the digital age!!


Good viewpoint. Good viewpoint indeed. So you’re pointing to a desire for what I’ll call absolute control, rather than being able to control the distribution of some little old movie…get it all filtered through their pipeline, so to speak.

My thoughts were that they’d be aware that they can’t feasibly take over the Internet (let alone bring the entirety of Google to its knees, even though that’s what they seemed to want to do), so I’d give them some credit for setting some more attainable goal: knocking down piracy. But they did allude to taking down other search providers as necessary, which can be taken either way. Again, though, such a grand scheme would be very longsighted and would require the chips to fall just perfectly.

All in all, I think we’re heading toward the same idea: it wouldn’t exactly be brilliant for anyone involved had their plan succeeded.


Unfortunately like anything Piracy is akeen to “horse is out of the barn”. And doing more without any reform to the GREED industry doesn’t stop but promote it more. Do as they may they just promote it more and more. Just searching the internet and you see sites come and go but never go away. That’s not hard to understand even Children can learn faster.


IDK which is worse: that the MPAA “convinced” the attorny generals to issue Google an overly broad subpoena that would require Google to reveal a high quantity of infomation about Google users, or that the MPAA seems to actually be upset at Google challenging (and eventually defeating) said subpoena in court.

Either way, who the he[ck] are they to call Google “Goliath”, when they are the ones attempting to conqueror the internet. That’s like Darth Vader accusing Han Solo of evil. Solo wasn’t a perfect man, heaven only knows what kinds of materials he’s smuggled over the years. And yet, Han still looks like a hero next to Vader.

I do hope Google realizes what should be obvious: they can’t hand over user data to the MPAA if they don’t collect data. The less they can collect, the better. Of course, I realize that with services like Google Drive, GMail, and YouTube, Google has little choice but to save some user data on it’s servers (specifically, files, comminications, and videos), else these services simply won’t function.