MPAA: Viewing pirated films online is a crime



I just posted the article MPAA: Viewing pirated films online is a crime.

As the war on Internet piracy rages on, a Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) official recently said anyone in the United States who view new film releases technically could be committing theft.

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I need clarification, what exactly does he mean by viewing new film releases online? I know of no sites that actively stream pirated content, although I admit that it is possible such sites exist…

It would seem silly to me however that a site would do such a thing.

Silly Hollywood suits.


true but if a person walked into a blockbuster, and walked out with the dvd without paying for it, it would by a misdemeanor? If the MPAA is lawsuiting someone who download a movie, you’re probably looking at 10’s of thousand of dollars?

maybe the punishment should fit the crime?


One would think the MPAA would have learned from the lawsuit debacle perpetrated by the RIAA. Looks like they are fixing to make the same mistakes.


So if you ever happen to be in a situation where you may watch something pirated, close your eyes.


I wonder if you watch a pirated movie unknowingly, would you still be breaking the law?


So, unless there is a disclaimer that I am watching pirated content, it is safe to watch?


Yea, renting a movie, copying it onto your computer, and then watching or burning it later is also illegal, I think some people may know they are doing it, unknowingly, I’m not sure!


I dunno, the unknowingly card has worked for Barry Bonds.


Oh ok… so if I go to the public library and get a movie there for free I’m breaking the law, or if I borrow a movie from a friend and watch it at home for free I’m breaking the law also, right?


Only if you fail to pay the fine for keeping it past the check-in date and in the case of borrowing your friend’s movie, only if you serve them margaritas with cheap tequila.


How I am to know if I click on “Watch This (movie, newsreel, anything on Youtube,etc.)” I would be committing a crime. More bulls*** to scare people into some compliance that is Not Clear and/or certain. All those who paid Amazon for a downloaded (and Paid for) book a few months ago just to have it stolen…Technically they should be prosecuted (Amazon/Kindle and the consumers) for unlawfully possessing copyrighted material. Since culpability is not a factor according to MPAA, FBI and other Overseers, just prosecute the lowest Potential fish to keep everyone in line.


Who made this MPAA official a judge?
Last I heard it takes a court to rule on what is legal and what is not.
This is a joke, trying to scare people.