MPAA Vice President to Brazilian pirates: Stealing is wrong, period

MPAA Vice President to Brazilian pirates: Stealing is wrong, period.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Defending its global battle against piracy, the Motion Picture Association of America sent vice president Greg Frazier to Brazil this week to speak on how content theft affects companies and creativity. The executive took a 'zero tolerance' stance on piracy, even as a Brazilian reporter asked the hard questions.

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Hey Mr. MPAA, why don’t you tell your Hollywood buddies we don’t give a rats ass about piracy. Maybe if you didn’t pay all those whores of industry too much money, then movies would be cheaper and people might go see them. Also, come up with some original ideas. Colin Farrel to redo Total Recall? Would have probably been better to get Will Ferrell. It was bad enough I had to pay money to see sucky movies 20 years ago. Now you want me to pay twice as much to see the same? Go away, thanks for nothing.

Also, don’t hire a POS politician (i.e. Christopher Dodd) to run your operation that stole from the taxpayers for DECADES and then preach to us about ethics! He is so slimy that he couldn’t win re-election in Delaware. The guy should be sitting in a jail cell.

“Even if you battle to put food on your plate, it is immoral to steal,” said Frazier according to the translation.

Glad to see he is sympathetic to the Brazilian peoples’ crucial problems! Obligatory reminder that not everyone agrees with the MPAA’s definition of “stealing”.

So I guess the MPAA wants their money even if it results in people starving to death? Dodd found a good home.

Frazier is a media-outlet-money-slapped BITCH. Period.