MPAA to send more people to the poor house with lawsuits



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 DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us that the MPAA is at it  again with a new barrage of lawsuits filed on thursday against John Doe  defendants. The lawsuits target those that...
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One day the MPAA will go so far they will actually have the balls to sue


The motion picture and record industries make obscene profits irrespective of piracy and will continue to do so. The argument that piracy costs them money is collosal BS and has more to do with sickening greed. I can understand these industries trying to protect copyright but it cannot justify the outrageous prices it expects people to pay for movie tickets, CDs and DVDs. This is blatant profiteering. Furthermore, these industries are so stuck in the stone age that they refuse to embrace new technologies which enable extremely effective means of distributing digital media. It seems these industries don’t want to acknowledge the rapidly changing digital media market since it might upset their multi billion dollar marketing (re: extortion) model. Oh and we must never deprive those poor mentally unstable movie stars of their multi-million dollar payouts for pretending to be people of “importance”. God no, they all need their obscene amounts of money so they can compare dick sizes amongst each other and to delude themsleves in an endless fantasy land. :g


what is
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#5 is a “local host” or a loop back to your self , so what Supreme Cheddar is saying is that they will actually have the balls to sue themselves because they are so retarded. HAHAHAHAHAH. :B


Just because they can doesn’t mean they will; people won’t be sued individually at $150k/pop. Also I still am in a state of confusion as why people think a business shouldn’t use the full extent of the law to not only defend, but also maximize its profits. To do anything else would be asinine. I have no doubt that piracy is costing them money. So they’re greedy…so what? All companies are.


I don’t care about movies since I don’t download them and don’t know why somebody would rather spend 2 hours downloading a low quality movie instead of renting it for $2. TV shows are different. I have 1 VCR and can’t record 2 shows at once, so I record one and download the other. I don’t see how its any different that barrowing a tape of the show from a friend. Unless that is illegal too. 150k for each downloaded file is outragious. So if I downloaded a movie instead of buying it for $15 they some how think they should get 10,000 times the amount of money they would have made if I had bought it. If somebody uploaded the movie to 10,000 people then it would be ok.


@ Oats - Well according to the MPAA rulz and regs you are probabally not allowed to tape shows in the first place (and heaven forbid if you fast forward the commercials!), so borrowing the tape from a friend is going to be just as bad as downloading it form the internet. As to how they figure $ 10,000 per copy, well I think it’s 10,000 divided by $10 (how much they make from a DVD) is 1,000, and they think everyone gives away 1000 copies of each movie they have (Like anyone has the bandwidth to do that!)


“TV shows are different. I have 1 VCR and can’t record 2 shows at once, so I record one and download the other. I don’t see how its any different that barrowing a tape of the show from a friend. Unless that is illegal too.” Dude, don’t say that. Just say you were selling drugs when the police chased you in which you had to defend yourself by grabbing a hostage and shooting the 4 cops and the hostage dead. You should get away with probation. Admitting to downloading/recording a movie? That’s 5 years. Downloaded music? You got life and so will your children and grandkids. Think man think…!


And one wonders why Libertarians are so hateful of government. It is precisely because it is so easy for people with influence to manipulate and exploit the “laws for common good” for their own personal benefit that government and laws should always be looked upon with suspicion. Greed is fine–it’s GREAT–because it fuels competition and a robust economy. However, when the pursuit of greed is couched in laws designed for some “common good”, then the system breaks down. MPAA doesn’t want us to copy? Sure, that’s fine and understandable. Let them deal with it themselves, without getting government in the picture. And they tried, with CSS. And failed. And they will try with AACS. And will fail again. And eventually, after many failures, they’ll realize that their pursuit of greed would be more effective with a more sane business model. THAT, my friend, is capitalism at work. But when instead of working out problems they brush the problems under the rug with the help of laws, that is when capitalism breaks down and we have instead a socialist solution–except nobody calls it socialist, but it is–corporate welfare (either monetary or through laws) is just as bad as social welfare.
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What i would love to see if someone taking them to court and the MPAA providing evidence that they did it. Like any other evidence case the MPAA would have to have the whole movie downloaded from that individual, i dont see them doing that rather than saying i have your IP address therefore your downloaded all this crap, sorry that would last 2 seconds in court. Also just because you seed a file called movei123-cam.avi doesnt mean it contains that material, it could be a text file with a invalid TOC.


When I was a teenager I used to copy the songs from the radio on my tape deck, I do not recall he RIAA getting all wacko then and who did not record off the radio??? everyone did. :slight_smile:


It’s just another way of this dinosaur milking money from the public cause they have no idea of what the public wants. Look what they are doing in China…2-5 bux for a dvd. Now if prices were like that here, I am sure piracy would drop. But I am not going to pay 12 bux to go see a movie and wish I could get my 2 hours of life back. Now that the RIAA is screwing over the MPAA when it comes to TV shows, I wonder who will win in that fight. Not allowing music that was originally licensed and paid for to be released in the DVD box sets for TV shows just shows how greedy they are, and that they do not caer about the customer, they only care about the mighty dollar. Good old American Values at work. You Americans sure have the best government money can buy, considering they are letting all this happen to “the people”