MPAA to finally follow the RIAA suit and sue P2P film-sharers

I just posted the article MPAA to finally follow the RIAA suit and sue P2P film-sharers.

  With over  6,200 lawsuits filed by  the RIAA on copyright-infringing P2P users to date, it is not until now that  the other major entertainment industry group the Motion Picture Association of ...
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“nuihc wrote: It figures. Following RIAA like lemmings.” Well, those lemmings (in the old games) could be blown away by pressing a button… I wish we could do the same to RIAA/MPAA :d

I wonder if porn counts:d

Forget the downloading. Just copy your firends and families cd’s and dvd’s. Go to the library, used cd’s and dvd’s, you get the idea. Tell the RIAA and MPAA to screw.

I don’t know why the MPAA are bothering. They are making far more from dvd sales than they ever did from VHS sales. Also, I would still go see a movie if i saw a cam version first, assuming it was a decent movie :X

Well I think Porn does count But Mpaa proberbly dont care about the porn industry the comment that consumers tend to watch it once only unless it is one of those movies that they can enjoyed many times. is true for main stream hollywood shit. But porn u can watch over and over,be it fast forward mode most of the time LoL:B:B