MPAA: Teachers should videotape the TV

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Teachers who want to show their students DVD clips shouldn’t rip the video and edit it together, the Motion Picture Association of America says. Instead, they should use a camcorder to record…

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Years ago, some individual and possibly others at about the same time, though hard about the problem of mathematics and earlier moving a load with minimum effort, and the wheel was developed from grease and logs, themselves great steps of inovation., Now today wheels come in all sorts of sizes and applications and developments, including flat ones containing information. Had there been an organisation seeking to keep the knowledge that could be developed from such advances of thinking about problem solving, in order to maximise their own members profits, we would all live in a world where only the greatest of leaders able to tax their subjects for the necessary consideration to fund themselves vehicles at best similar to those as shown on the flintstones cartoons (with recognition to the copywrites of inovative designs of their copy write). every one else would have to make do with a greasy pole.
The ability to gain knowledge and its teaching should be absolutely free and with out restriction, unless national security is involved. Just remember The UK Government gave to AMERICA the designs of the swing wing aircraft, and all our TSR2 Swing wing bomber secrets designed originally by Barnes Wallis of the Bouncing Bomb Fame, Free, Gratis for nothing, Now if The UK Wanted to Build a swing wing plane we would have to pay royalties for our own designs. The media contents of programs will self destruct in time and serve no purpose for the future development of mankind whereas the method of communication of the content may at a future day be developed to be the saviour of the world, and its peoples.

Me: MPAA should go f*** themselves.

Ok so the MPAA wouldn’t mind if a teacher walked into a theater with a camcorder and recorded the movie? It is video of a video!! What is wrong with that? LOL :slight_smile:

For the life of me, I can’t imagine what teacher would use any of the crap produced by the MPAA membership, but if I was the MPAA I would shut my collective pie hole the hell up and be thankful.

So… it sounds like “make it hard for teachers to teach” and “place restrictions on education” to further prevent/circumvent videos for educational needs?

@ shaolin007

That would be quite the loophole for those cammers. When they get busted in the theatre, they just tell the feds they are teachers recording something for class. :smiley:

I agree wholeheartedly with you, Bill: our way of life should not be limited by self serving interest group/s:D. Let us hope and pray that law makers have the wisdom to enact laws that serve the common good and still be fair with “innovators.” :cool:

LOL, yes it would.

Can we videotape this page and upload it to YouTube? :stuck_out_tongue:

what a pile of b0ll0cks!!

copying the TV is still breaking copyright laws, so what is the difference?

If the MPAA had brains, they’d be even more dangerous!!

I think they need a new teaching catagory: How to break copyright and pirate so to piss the mpaa off course.

We’ve already been through the “how to be a sheep course”, we need something new.

This is a commonly seen problem and to place a price on education is not on. I beleive that teachers should be able to record shows themselves and not with a video camera(which is rediculous). It is vital that everyone gets the best education possible not limmited by some organisation.

What is this “videotape” that they speak of ?

Seriously, this is retarded beyond belief. Get a freaking grip on reality MPAA !! If a teacher really wanted to pirate DVD movies they could do so very easily in their private time. Why harrass them over something obviously intened for educational purposes ? Because you’re @$$holes, I know.

You are partly right. Copying the TV is breaking copyright laws if you are a regular citizen. It is legal to do if you are a teacher and are using it for educational purposes.

I say make educators learn to do puppet shows.

The reality is MPAA aren’t in touch with reality, its purely greed and nothing else!