MPAA targets six BitTorrent TV sites



I just posted the article MPAA targets six BitTorrent TV sites.

 If your part of the many who like to download TV Torrents then take  a look at this. Instead of just movies, the MPAA has quietly started suing sites  that carry TV Torrents. The MPAA has filed...
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I don’t really like MPAA going against regular torrent sites offering DVDrips of movies, but I do recognize their right to protect their product no matter how outrageously priced it is. This new initiative, however, it totally ridiculous. They say that TV torrents have commercial edited out so it cuts into their profits, well this argument is totally bogus. If a person turns to bittorrent to download an episode, then most likely they simply missed it on TV so the point about watching commercial is bogus since those ppl missed the show and commercials bundled with it anyway. So there is no any cut into their profit. (I wonder, would MPAA still object if TV torrents offered uncut versions with all the commercials. Most likely they still would, but it’s a funny thought.) They also say they that the success depends on international sales, well, whose fault is that that they do not release new series world-wide but delay it for certain countries? If some aussies want to watch new show they will get it using whatever means necessary, be it a regular VCR copy or a TV torrent. Face it, it’s a global market, if you want to succeed, you have to take into account other countries. I mean how hard it is to simultaneously release new TV show in the Australia, it’s an english speaking country, so there shouldn’t be any problem redubbing the series. BTW, I’m not an aussie.


Ah, the life of an aussie. First you hear how the latest series of your fave TV show has aired in the US. Then you wait 2-3 years for it to air locally. Then you wait 2 more months, because it’s been pushed back for more live tennis. Then it starts, albeit at 10:30pm at night, so you have to tape it. Then you realise you missed the end part because it didn’t start until 11:10pm, because Big Brother ran late. The tape ended before the show did. Then when you try to enjoy it, you have to deal with excess tons of commercials every 5 minutes. Don’t forget the new exciting watermark in the corner. Then you wonder why the show keeps referring to things you don’t understand, only to latter realise the network is showing the series out of order. They began with episode 4, then 7, then 2, then… Then, despite great ratings, it vanishes with no explanation after only 4 episodes. More sports. No return date is announced. Then you hear how it’s starting again next week. After the preceding show runs late, your fave TV show doesn’t appear. Instead, bad American drama series cancelled after one season. Then you hear how your show’s back again, but you missed an episode because it came back unannounced. You tune in next week… Then you realise they’re showing the old series again. Then you get your kid to download the whole of the new series off the internet, at DVD quality, no commercials, then burn it to DVD so you can watch it whenever, wherever, at your leisure. Then you hear of more Americans getting sued for doing that. “I hate America SO much”, you think. Then after the kids go to sleep, you look at Internet asian porn. You dirty wee lech. God bless the Internet and it’s legal limbo. Nothing so beautiful can last for long. Remember these days, for soon they will be gone. Kisses XXOOXX Jen


what are you trying to say?


NOOOOOOOO…btefnet is down (for the time being) Now I can’t get my episode of Lost which I already saw on TV and will buy the DVD when it comes out, NOOOOOOO! What I’m trying to get at is that people don’t always have access to the shows, and by increasing veiwership via P2P would actually help DVD sales. I would have never watched Lost if it wasn’t on P2P, and now I’m a huge fan. It seems like the MPAA are shooting themselves in the foot.


until they bring out TV shows faster over here (UK), and until they reduce the price of the TV boxsets i’m going to continue to stick two fingers squarely in the direction of the MPAA and any other organisation that tries to get in my way. the more you bitch about it, the more i download and i have a pretty fast connection!:d


translation: pissed off mpaa angry over no one going to there movies, so editing out tv show comercails is the fault. i went to the movies once in the past 5 or 6 months i beleive its been. i just dont like the $20 it costs for movie tickets plus more for drinks when u can buy the dvd on sale for $15-16 the day it comes out, used for $9.99, and rent for $5. i buy the movie cuz its cheaper then going to the movies, and i can watch when i feel like it and not have the crying baby, loud mouth ghetto person trying to comment out loud every little thing ruining ur movie experience, and the anouying jerks, u know like the weirdo who tries to sit next to u when the whole area is empty, the faat person who goes "aheeeer aheer aheer’breathing loud like, cell phone jerk, u know the type. i just dont like the experiance of goingto the theaters anymore, ppl ruin it acting like jackasses, every movie i went to in the past 3 years had some jackass go “oh dam boyz” or “he aint doing that"or"insert any other gay ass ghetto comment jackass makes in attempt to sound cool here” i just dont see the value in going anymore, expecailly now since i own a home theater system andcan buy the movie for less money used then the cost of the ticket. normal ppl who u make money from mpaa are not dl ur films for free, there flat out not watching them.


shrug… i think the mpaa is going in the wrong direction. Maybe they should start offering their tvs on the internet (with the commercials included). I myself work nights, so I can’t watch my favorite tv shows when they air. I usually like to watch them when I get home from work late in the night. Does it make any difference if I set the computer up to download them, or tape them and fastforward through the commercials? I don’t think so. The Internet seems to slowly be replacing telco’s and their landlines. Now maybe in 10 or 20 years, we won’t need to shell out needless cash to cable companies either. I never really got why we had to pay for commercials. Wouldn’t the channels make more money if they just stuck repeaters all over the place and people could get tv channels for free. ahh well, I’m sure the cable companies must give some kickbacks to the tv channel people.


yea, that makes alot of sense, just put comercails and stream them off the net. currently, the tv channels buy the rights for tv shows, then the tv channells make more money then they spendon advertisments, the mpaa does not get shit in this proccess cuz they make movies, not tv. and tv ppl should just say fuck it all, dvd time.


it’s all in an effort to keep TV Show DVD sales up…and there’s only one way to send the message… BOYCOTT all MPAA/RIAA affiliated studios/labels…stop giving them your money…


Bottom line: The couldn’t make taping illegal so they don’t have a leg to stand on here either.


they big ones want a world full of zombies… eat what i tell u,drink what i tell u,listen and watch what i tell u and if u say no then u r a terrorist we live in dark ages again


Give a man a tool and he will use it… The point is, they should first sue all computer & hardware manufacturers for producing the tools we are using. Then I wonder what happens next.