MPAA targets mobile phone apps

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Isn’t it getting old that along with the copyright infringement angle they seem to want to include the “malware” threat too? Not only are these deadbeat pirates stealing from the MPAA they are also infecting us all with malware. At least this is what the MPAA wants us to think. Well, I think DRM is malware so this is like the pot calling the kettle black.

[QUOTE=UTR;2679365]Not only are these deadbeat pirates stealing from the MPAA they are also infecting us all with malware.[/QUOTE] Not to mention that such a phone app also makes us support pedophile nazi terrorism… so you really should stay away from it! :iagree:

This is great, now the MPAA wants to stop us from watching [b]ANYTHING[/B] on a mobile phone. How exactly is this going to stop piracy? What next, are they going to sue electronics manufactures for making CD/DVD drives for computers? They’ll probably argue that CD/DVD ripping automatically means piracy… and malware. Then, they’ll argue that TV’s and computer monitors are responsible, since people use them to watch pirated matierial (and get infections)!

Complete and total B/S, no matter how they spin it!

They already tried killing the media recording industry. Way back when Sony was bringing the BetaMax VCR to market they were being sued by Hollywood to keep it from coming to store shelves. Otherwise you are right, they would be suing them.

Here is a link to the Sony lawsuit filed in the 1970s:,_Inc.

[QUOTE=TSJnachos117;2679397]…now the MPAA wants to stop us from watching [B]ANYTHING[/B]…[/QUOTE]
Quite the opposite - they want you to PAY EVERYTHING for EVERYTHING!

Got a movie poster, ringtone, a movie pix, or an actor’s face? PAY FOR IT. Constantly, too. (“Your subscription is by-the-minute, so that’s 8,000 minutes you’ve now accrued…”)

See - they don’t want to stop - they want you to pay Pay PAY!! ha ha - doesn’t that make you feel soooo much better?!!

I see that EA is going to start “monetizing” all microtransactions in their games. Click the mouse - send money. Choose a weapon - send even more. Move to the left? $$$ Bring down the menu? KA-CHING!!

Monetizing Microtransactions. The MPAA wants in on it because gamers love to spend spend spend, and they brag about how their industry is such a great tech leader because they spend BILLIONS, and the MPAA doesn’t see why they can’t get all that and more.

I see it only takes a 5-year-old to pile up $2500 in fees from Apple’s store.

Just imagine what these adolescent-brained gamers can do? “Mom, I need that $10,000 now to quit the game. If I don’t pay now, it’s $20,000 to continue…”

This is going to be such an exciting time!