MPAA targets core BitTorrent, eDonkey users



I just posted the article MPAA targets core BitTorrent, eDonkey users.

 heystoopid, GristyMcFisty and ominus all used our news submit to tell us about this latest development in the world of filesharing,  from a variety of news sites. Here is what...
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No Files or information of any Importance is stored on E-Donkey Servers right?As for BT I Heard Sloncek is working on that Prob. The MPAA is just trying to put the scare into European Users are you scared? :frowning:


These people are parasites, leeching off the creative activity of others," said John Malcolm, the MPAA’s director hmmm sounds like a polatitian to me or did he mean the so called pirate’s ??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I thought for a moment he was speaking of the RIAA.


If only these people would work this hard to get rid of slave labor and illegal child labor. Or maybe do something about the homeless, or the hungry or poverty. Or something worthwhile. But whatever.


I dislike the RIAA and the MPAA for their attitudes to certain issues, but what have these organisations got to do with slave labor and illegal child labor? Nothing. Might be best to protest to the countries that allow such things, like China etc.


Given the number of “foreign” directors making top movies who are sick and tired of the constraints in making movies in hollywood who are shifting their creativity centres OUTSIDE america…given the number music artists who are UTILISING the net as a advertising and selling tool… NOTE !..the number of new movie “stars” not necessarily american (I’ll assume directors now realise they have a huge pot of actors worldwide to choose from)… NOTE !..the number of good bands, not aligned with recording companies, whose music is readily available on the net… Assuming that these givens hold some truth, we could see entities like MPAA and RIAA reduced to paper tigers or at least only a power within their own borders…(oh…and those countries STUPID enough to have FREE ??? agreements with this empire)…:X


Maybe they heard about the Linux dists shared via BT and couldn’t make sense about it… as always. LOL


Like your humour Crabby! :B


Generation 2 of Bit Torrent is currently in final stages of development so don’t worry guys. MPAA won’t know what to do when that becomes industry standard.


I was referring to corporations, and people in general that use the courts, governments, and laws to push their agenda but rarely is that agenda worthwhile for the world as a whole, and rarely the people that need an agenda pushed most don’t have anyone representing them. Just because they may not be a part of the problem doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of the solution. My point is, if the whole world would treat the problems I mentioned as seriously as the RIAA, and MPAA treat twelve year old down loaders maybe would we would get somewhere. However, that would never happen because it is simply not profitable, and I think that says something about all of us.


Hello Sherrif, welcome back. What negative effects are you going to experience from the FTA? Copyright was here before the FTA. Copyright isn’t just an American thing. Australian producers of intellectual property like having copyright too :X


StarGhost, What innovations will this generation 2 bring? Have you heard?


Hello freqnasty…I’m going to assume by you saying “how will it affect me”, you are talking about intellectual property ONLY (don’t get me started on the other stuff)…Our laws were effectual enough without incorporating the merkan engine (ask the intellectuals, lawmakers and some politicians), if, in fact we adhere to the “merkan” policy, students copying pages from a book in the library for reference, will be in breach of the act and so on and so on…remember, history will teach our proginy that america was the turd in the sea of life…:X