MPAA takes RealDVD to court

I just posted the article MPAA takes RealDVD to court.

Earlier this month, we reported on the launch of RealDVD, a new software package from RealNetworks that makes ripping DVD’s to hard drives or other portable storage devices a simple process…

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Who would have thought that we would be saying this: GO REAL… No matter how much the product they make sucks, you have to hand it to them to go up against the MPAA. I wonder how the MPAA will win, since with all previous DVD Ripping cases, the protection was broken. According to Real though, RealDVD doesn’t break the encryption, so this should be perfectly legal. Granted, I would never use it, lol, but it’s awesome that some company is trying to stand against the MPAA

No DVD backup software “breaks” the encryption because the CSS key is already known.

“The MPAA and the CCA are spending time, energy and money…”

They’re not spending but wasting resources.

I read somewhere that some game maker asked online why people pirate his games and the overwhelming majority responded with two reasons: price, and even moreso because of DRM which they do not agree with. He immediately dropped the price and removed DRM. If more companies did this then they wouldn’t have nearly as much of a problem with things like pirating and may even make more money because they’re not pissing everyone off in the proccess. Just my two cents.

From the article:
“One of the MPAA’s concerns is that consumers will rip movies they rent.”

God that would be horrible if people started doing that! I sure hope nobody ever invents something that would let you do that! I just can’t imagine what would happen.