MPAA sues online DVD seller - Do they ever stop?

I just posted the article MPAA sues online DVD seller - Do they ever stop?.

What can you do when someone sues you? Sue someone else yourself, according to MPAA tactics. Their next victim is an online retailer, If we can believe the MPAA this time, they…

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sounds suspicious…boguht them from a retailer in Malaysia. I thought Malaysia was a country rampant with piracy.

You can’t really differentiate pirated and legitimate DVDs selling in Malaysia from their covers, except the price RM15 vs RM150 (approx 2.5 vs 25 pounds)

How terrible! This sort of illegal business is taking food from the mouths of hard-working actors who make a living on the paltry earnings of their trade.

Ya right! Most movies repay themselfs during cinema showtimes. This means also the actors are payed. And DVD’s are imho only an extra. But it still is illegal your right about that. But let me ask you a question: Do you have any DivX, VCD, SVCD or whatever??? If so your a as bad as the ones dealing with copied DVD’s.

Why are they even going after this place? I just looked at the site, and they only have 5 DVD’s listed! Unless that’s a result of the lawsuit…

Yeah right…no illegal DVDs from Malaysia. If you people think that this is actually true, you’ve got some learning to do…either that, or you hate to admit the truth. Either way, all of us KNOW FOR A FACT that just about anything you buy from Malaysia, Taiwan, China, etc. are probably bootlegged copies of movies. Grow up!

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I wanted to say something trite here…:4 ROTFLMAO…:7