MPAA sues multimillionaire that is ready to fight the charge

I just posted the article MPAA sues multimillionaire that is ready to fight the charge.

johnzap used our news submit to tell us: "Finally! Someone, with the means ($$$) to do it, is going to fight the MPAA and its tactics, in court. Looks like this is a case to follow: case…

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Go get them! Seems the “Man” is sticking it to the other “Man”… This is great…

This is some of the best news that I have heard in a long time, and something that I too was waiting for to happen. Why would a millionare need to waste time downloading a movie anyway? If the MPAA were smart, they would have dropped the case right away, I can’t wait to see the results of this! And, it better not end up with a secret settlement either.

Looks like somebody at MPAA didn’t do their research properly before sending out the letter… :d In any case, I doubt it will amount to anything. I would have liked if the case went to trial and set the precedent. Howeve, most likely the case won’t even go to the court, MPAA will simply withdraw like they did in that case with mother and everything will go back to the same old routime. Get IP address, get mailing address, extort the money.

knock’em down a peg or two Mr. Hogan…:slight_smile:

I don’t see how this can help the mpaa/riaa case in any way. If there is found to be little or no substance to their clams than there could be hard questions about the method by which they sort information and the reliablity of there methods. If they do not follow reliable means then its begs the question of which laws they broken when they forced sums of $2500 as settlement from people.

Hmm, this could get very interesting and very ugly for the MPAA, since it appears that he is not going to let them steal away in the night, so as to speak ! May the many boulders returning in MPAA’s direction, turn into a total land and mudslide to bury them and by default RIAA as well!:X

each time a case like this one by exemple come out, we see more and more people downloading… people who dont know what a p2p is, start to invistigate and disvover how to download files. just wait for the release of the laptop at 100$ for poor countries, there will be soon a mega increase of illegal downloadings… :B

This man should be put in an asylum! Who is in his right mind will actually buy the “Meet the Fockers” DVD?

Whatcha gonna do, when Mr. Hogan runs wild on you!?!?!?!?!?!?!

My thoughts exactly.

It is a darn shame this case is being tried in southern California, where the U.S. motion picture industry is based. However, I hope there is a jury trial so that folks can get a hint of how the MPAA conducts their online investigations. I’m glad to see people are starting to defend themselves against the giant corporations.

When you’re a bully, you prey on those weaker than yourself in the hope that they will cave easily. They picked the wrong boy this time. If I were the MPAA I owuld be VERY afraid of losing this case because this man has the means to call into question their methodology to the point where they will be unable to continue to prosecute. This is THE big one.
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I don’t know about other states, but in Florida if a person is sued and is found not guilty the accuser has to pay court costs and all of the defendants lawyer costs. This is to prevent “frivolous” lawsuits.

force-a-smile type films

Hogan Knows Best :B

this is in response to nailzer’s post. in california, usually there is NO attorney’s fees awarded unless specifically contracted for or by statute. So in most cases fees are not awarded.