MPAA sues eBay users over 1.000 pirated DVD sales

I just posted the article MPAA sues eBay users over 1.000 pirated DVD sales.

EBay sellers in eight states have been hit with lawsuits filed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), claiming they sold pirated DVDs through the auction site:

The suits,…

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This should be interesting. What would be even more interesting is if the MPAA sued eBay for catering to illegal sales.

evrytime i read something like ‘the two towers are on the net!!’ i can’t stop LMAO :4

thats funny , real funny because I got booted from a sale on Ebay of a CD by my own band because it was on CDR and they claimed I was selling a bootleg BUT people can sell these DVD boots just fine… screw Ebay

Ok, top this I got booted when I try to sell a LEGIT copy of SQL and on top of that I took pictures of the damn thing. Besides people who buys those movies has a pretty good idea what they are buying and quality. So the comment that the MPAA given is bunk and stupid. He’s a moron and should be smacked w/ a DVDR on his back of his head. MPAA president Jack Valenti said the DVDs are often of lower quality than official releases and are usually sold at bargain prices. “It is an unfortunate reality that consumers may be sorely disappointed, finding that the DVD or video that they paid for is not a bargain at all and that it is, in fact, of a much lower quality,” he noted.

I can’t complain too much because this is about cracking down on people who copy and sell. If this was about cracking down on people who copy for free, I would be so disgusted and pissed and consider it cruel and unusual!!!