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On April 25 a lawsuit was filed against the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, is the result of the wrongful shutdown of the web site…

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Nice, finally somebody stepped up!


Finally! There should be more people willing to fight back rather than roll over and die at the first site of a lawsuit. Even with today’s illogical and restrictive copyright laws, the fact is that there are many legal and legitimate uses for copying and sharing copyrighted material over a medium such as the internet. The problem is that no one seems to want to hit back, but rather cower in the corner and offer a settlement. It seems that sucking the tits of the media giants is more profitable than taking them down with a sling and stone. Capitalism is a great machine with proven benefits, but as often happens in this country, it has run amok and plowed-down those too frightend to move out of its path. Are we breaking the law? Who are we really harming? At worst it’s an act of civil disobedience in protest of restrictions we should not have to endure. Never back down from those who are wrong, no matter how much bigger they are. Knowledge and truly pure expression should never be bought and sold.


spacegrass, Most don’t fight back because most don’t have the hundreds of thousands, often millions of dollars it takes to battle an entity of this size in court.


I totally agree, i am happy that someone is fighting back, but the concept of is kinda lame, there are lots of site just like it that do this kinda stuff for free, such as and I think that is a rip and kinda lame. sorry, but i hope that they keep fighting the system, they will probebly win.