MPAA study of piracy reveals damage far worse than expected

I just posted the article MPAA study of piracy reveals damage far worse than expected.

  The  Motion Picture Association of America has conducted a detailed study of movie  piracy over a period of 18 months across 28 countries to try and estimate how  much piracy is costing...
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Direct from the Wall Street Journal article: “An additional $529 million in losses came from consumers making copies of legitimate films they bought on DVD or VHS.” This isn’t piracy. It is called fair use.

I have one question… - How many readers here, did see this $$$billions?:S I haven`t for shure:X

It’s amazing the kind of results that you can get when you fund the study.

Gee this is such a brilliant scientific study. NOT! You have pending legislation that the industry is trying to ram down everyones throat. You have the MPAA which basically exists to push the interests of the industry. You have a company that is in the business of doing research for the clients that pay them. All this cursory information does not explain what a unit of loss (movie tickets, dvds, or what) is or what dollar figure was applied to each unit ($10, $20, $50 or whatever). Additionally the information does not indicate what percentage of these “pirates” would ever pay for these undefined units if there was no piracy. In short, this is likely another self serving study with tweaked up figures and timing that seems pretty much targeted at winning support for restrictive legislation that is not in the public interest. Frankly, I am all in favor of giving the industry all the rope they need to hang themselves. Lets eliminate fair use. Lets make it impossible for a collage professor to teach anything about film by preventing him from making copies. Lets make it illegal to time shift broadcasts of movies and while we are at it let’s make it illegal to rent DVDs so those can’t be copoied either. Oh, and lets stop allowing broadcasters to use movie clips and websites from using sound bites. When the MPAA and friends have things all sewed up like they want and still loose their asses perhaps they will get that few movies represent an entertainment value to the public. If the MPAA believes that all these, so called, anti piracy efforts are going to significantly increase sales at the box office or through DVDs then I am all for giving them the opportunity to show the world a thing or two. I can’t imagine the MPAA thinking they are going to increase income by 1.3 billion by clogging up congress with superflous legislation, but I am all for eliminating all the excuses they manufacture in denial of the concept that perhaps most movies are just shit and people don’t want to waste their money on them.

Hear Hear !!!..:X

6+ busd??!!! :r mpaa’s calculations are a joke; no wonder us is near the bottom in the international mathematics assessment test :d

@rla GREAT POST!!!

Pirates keep the MPAA in business,if they wipe out piracy,Then what will they do??:B

This also raised my brows. How the fvsk can anyone call this piracy, and attribute $0.5B lost to it? Ridiculous.

lol I still buy movies that I like. The last several additions to my library were Nemo, Monsters Inc, and Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory (Johny Deep is fantastic). I may also buy a few “substandard” moves if they cost $5-9 depending ona movie. However I WILL NOT buy a movie I haven’t seen. Having shelled out on such absolute pos as 3000 miles to graceland and MI2, there is no way I’m buying movie without previewing it first. There are two ways to preview a movie, one is to rent it which IMO is too overpriced, and not worth the hassle having to drive to the store and the other one is to download it. MPAA may call it piracy, I call it weeding out bad seeds. :B

Who knows if this study is accerate. It sounds far fetched considering alot of people probally wouldn’t have bought the movie or went to the theater in the first place. But what is true is that people tell others how to copy dvd movies, then their friends tell others, then their friends do the same untill everyone knows how to do it. Thats the whole problem! Over time their profits will go down hill because "why buy the movie when everyone and their grandma’s are coping movies for under $0.50. I totally see thier point. Why produce a totally awesome and expensive movie when they might not be able to make ends meet when its in its past its prime selling point! That’s probally why the movies of today suck!

And yeah people would be more happy to buy too if they didn’t sell for such high prices, Why in the hell would someone spend $20 to buy a movie that they might watch 1 every 2 -3 year its stupid, i buy only in the budget isle. and i only like widescreen which isn’t always easy in the budget isle, i spend anywhere from $4.88- $10 a DVD, if the Film is REALLY good i may spend the $20 only if i will watch it a lot, like i really like the film Robots, since it is very jokingly perversely funny. But i prefer to copy and then when the price comes down, i then buy the original. People do not have the money to buy movies that cost $20 a piece, Most of the people where i live are on fixed incomes. So they would rather copy a film then pay the high price, if they keep the films $10 or less, i would much rather buy the original then pirate it. I never cared for piracy, but this world leaves people no choice, they either copy it or they just do with out, and people in my area usually do, do without. But they love the budget isle, so that shows if you price the film with a fair price they will not pirate. I also don’t spend a lot of money on music, if I cant get it cheap, I wait till it comes down in price, even if I have to wait 2 years for that to happen. But the MPAA and RIAA are too greedy, and that greed will be the death of them and any other corporation. If you sell cheap you sell more. Plain and simple, if you cant sell cheap, find something you can. My biggest complaint these days is printer, ink is WAY to high! Hell Music and movies are cheaper.:wink:

:o All bogus loses. How do you lose money that the people who are pirating and if all of sudden couldn’t pirate the DVD would all of a sudden buy it. They are counting that if the DVD’s couldn’t be pirated the would be bought. Just plain stupid math.

It fails Occam’s Razor miserably, and with a few minor changes, it is almost word for word equilavent to the SONY BMG inspired mindless claim via the RIAA, way back when, a few years ago! Oh well, the amount of Petabytes required to service the claim the downloading/uploading, would mean that every user on the internet all 600 million plus, must be connected to the University Hyper speed net, just to handle the data shift alone, never mind the similar volume as used by music abusers, as claimed by the RIAA! So the big question is if there is no bandwithd left for normal commercial net business, then how is it possible to use the internet at all??? The only people, that would believe this level of fictional propaganda, would be the average party no think for myself, hack moron that is elected to represent us in parliament and/or congress as the case maybe! Alas, anti-sedition laws, prevent further comment, as to where to stuff this false pretense report/yesterday’s recycled garbage! Choices!!!:r

the last 2 movies i rented were schindlers list, and some other German produced movie. There is nothing else I want to see since there is nothing but crap. 2 years ago i hit ******** daily, with a daily download. now I hit ******* daily, but havnt downloaded in 6 months or so. This is due to the shitty movies coming out, plus the shitty releases (cam ts, tc). When it does come out to dvd, I might rent it. The only thing I look forward to right now is Harry potter to rent, and I might actully go see MI3 in the theatre. (after I hear a few reviews from friends) Sorry MPAA, its your own fault. Make better movies. Tower the prices. Take out fbi warnings and commercials. Dont blame some single mother of 5 for downloading movies because she cant afford the DVD. Blame Sharon Stone for tring to make another version of basic instinct and expecting us to pay for such crap. Also kung Fu Hustle, The Pacifier, The honeymooners, War of the Worlds, Batman (again!!), Brokeback mountain…the list can go on. also blame these guys: Will Ferrell - 38 - $40 million per film Johnny Depp - 42 - $37 million Ray Romano - 48 - $36.5 million Will Smith - 37 - $35 million Tobey Maguire - 30 - $32 million Tom Cruise - 43 - $32 million Denzel Washington - 51 - $30 million Adam Sandler - 39 - $28 million Matt Damon - 35 - $27 million Brad Pitt - 42 - $25 million I dont download anymore, but I certainly dont pay for your garbage. Rant finally over :slight_smile: EDIT: Removed reference to warez site
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I admire the very last sentence of last post, lol :X

Those of you who say that the study doesn’t take into accout whether or not someone who pirated a DVD would have bought an original DVD if the pirated version were not available are wrong. The CDFreaks article and the orignal article both say that this question was asked during the “surveys” and the answers were taken into account. That is the first I have ever heard of that question being considered in one of these studies. Not that the whole thing isn’t crap.

Will Ferrell - 38 - $40 million per film Johnny Depp - 42 - $37 million Ray Romano - 48 - $36.5 million Will Smith - 37 - $35 million Tobey Maguire - 30 - $32 million Tom Cruise - 43 - $32 million Denzel Washington - 51 - $30 million Adam Sandler - 39 - $28 million Matt Damon - 35 - $27 million Brad Pitt - 42 - $25 million WOW MAYBE WE SHOULD ALL TAKE UP ACTING WITH THESE FIGURES IT PAYS TO MAKE CRAP

Does Tommy Cruise pay himself 32 million when he makes his own film and stars in it? I’ll boycott his films until he admits that he ate the placenta. :g