MPAA sees no issues with web censorship

MPAA sees no issues with web censorship.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The anti-piracy DNS blacklist bill recently passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, as the RIAA and MPAA continue to find new methods to combat Internet piracy.  A recent op-ed published by the MPAA offers a unique look into how the movie copyright group tries to battle piracy -- and a flawed look into current piracy.

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Re: The Title. Big surprise.

If the RIAA/MPAA spent a fraction of the money ( that they’ve spent on legalese, lobbying politicians and infringing liberties) reducing the price of their products or improving the quality, their customer base wouldn’t be so eroded, and perhaps they wouldn’t be so desperate :iagree:

Just what we need for the gov. to start controlling the internet (in the US). I don’t know why anyone would pay for movies and music as their donations go to “bigger government”.

I am not saying you should steal them, but don’t support them at all - most of it’s crap anyway :eek:

and we thought it was a mess when Hollywood was shoving cocaine up the DJ’d noses in the old payola scandals…now they shove money up politician’s noses and look what wer are getting…

I have personally talked to members of many popular bands and most of them have no problem with shared music that is called “Pirated” if this is so, then why is the RIAA so worried about it?? This is because the RIAA is who makes most of the money through record sales. The artist makes very little, the artist makes money through memorabilia and concerts for the most part. True story, meaning the RIAA are just a bunch of greedy b*****ds that claim to be working for the artists that’s a load of bull. Not saying stealing is right, but if I didn’t share music with my friends i would never go to concerts and that’s how I support the artists of my choice because at least I know some of my money will go in their pockets, you know the one’s who really deserve it the ARTISTS! I know this is more about music than movies, but it’s all about the same thing and its all terrible…

I see no issue censoring the MPAA forever. :slight_smile: