MPAA seeks P2P enforcer for antipiracy ops

I just posted the article MPAA seeks P2P enforcer for antipiracy ops.

Quakester2000 used our news submit to tell us about an article he saw over at the Register. It seems the MPAA is looking for someone to track down and bring to justice the scurvy…

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hehe, this must be the most over subscribed job on the planet, there are probably a couple of million pottential applicants with this kind of knowledge.

Pays pretty well, guess they must be thinking they’ll keep getting their $$ from the public

Cool… I should try my luck and tell others to join. :d

What a cool job. I could work it and get unlimited downloadz.

I think I could do this =D Along with the other 100million+ people. How lame.

This is stupid. Instead of concntrating on BIG piracy, they hire people to catch the little fish. Geez…