MPAA say: Without DRM, honest users may turn into pirates

I just posted the article MPAA say: Without DRM, honest users may turn into pirates.

     Despite all the negative effects most have seen with DRM, according the  MPAA, DRM prevents prevent honest users from turning into pirates.  They  claim that DRM is there to help guide...
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Okie dokey. :r

With DRM honest users may just not bother :r

With DRM, honest users become the victim, don’t want to buy the legal copy anymore, and then turn into pirates.

with DRM, it becomes easier to go on the internet and find a DRM free copy then it does to go to the store, buy it, take it home, then defeat the protection on it. I don’t like to leave my original copies of cds in my car, they were stolen once and it took a while to replace them. So everything in my car is a burned backup copy, not to mention my new deck is an mp3 player as well, so i can fit 6-8 192kbps albums on a CD. I have quite an extensive CD collection, but it really seems to drop off around the end of the 90s. Some could blame it on mp3’s, but they’re hasn’t been that much decent rock music in the last while, a few albums here and there (which i buy), but nothing like when i was making my collection, buy current and classic stuff. i guess they’ll never learn, why pay for a gimpy copy when you can get a nongimped one for free. They’re just persecuting those who actually pay for their product, its bullshit. I admit I dont’ buy many cd’s anymore, but sometimes one that i would buy, I won’t if it has copy protection on it, just of principal.

honest users just don’t understand why that cant use the downloaded song they paid for in there new mp3 player, do not know or care about DRM just want to listen to music but feel ripped off so when honest john says he has a copy that works on there new mp3 player the honest users say well I am entitled as I have paid for this. Next time they think that song sounds good where shall I Get it hmm?

lets think about this… [begin rant] records - protection (none, but you couldnt make your own records, b/c no one had a record press) tapes - protection (none, did the riaa and their respective companies go out of business) audio cds - protection (none, for the first dozen or so years, now they put drm on it to keep us from using our “fair rights” w/ content we pay to have access to, but apparently dont really pay enough to make the greedy corporate machine happy vhs - protection (macrovision - light and dark image output’d from the copy of the image; which could be easily and not illegal by outputting from one device to another and then recording) dvd - protection (css, the mpaa’s big pedistal of protection, and it was broken by a 14 year old programmer) hd-dvd/blu-ray - protection (new-css, mpaa’s 2nd guess at whats going to be protection by also requiring that output device is “licensed” and its manufacturer can be sued for allowing its “code” to be revealed, that same 14 year old, now 20 iirc, says that he will break it as soon as its released) now, i know that im young, and wasnt really around during the record age, and didnt really get into the tape media, but it goes as this records (mostly my parents) 100 tapes (purchased) 20-30 vhs (purchased) 10-20 vhs (recorded) 100* mostly SVHS from highschool studio (dont even have a player for them) audio cds (purchased) 250-350 (i gave up counting them when i started getting dvds) dvds (purchased) - 310 titles (~600 discs as most are double, or tv series which i just list as 1 title per season) i own 2 audio cd players, 2 discman, in-dash cdplayer. 2 foreign (chinese) regionless dvd players (so i can watch both PAL & NTSC dvds b/c the corporate machines are greedy and dont want to release a lot of movies in R1 b/c they are “too controversial” or “they wont make enough money from the cult followers” 1 xbox (non-moded) 1 42" sony RP-HDTV w/ 1 hdmi-hdcp now, that i have shown that i am a VALID CONSUMER, and not just some random noisebox making noise… i think the MPAA needs to STOP worrying about DRM and pirates and make content that MAKES people want to buy it b/c its just that D*MN GOOD. when dvds came out not everyone had broadband, so 4gb was completely insane to try to download, now that everyone has 4gb the mpaa/riaa think that everyone downloads movies (either 4gb, or reduced down to 700mb to fit on a cd-r) but still @ 480i format (720x480,720x580 PAL) now if any stupid kid can use a program and take a poorly mastered dvd (as most dvds SUCK in terms of bitrate, e.g. > 5mbps and that mpeg2 compression is so lazily done that there is macroblocking in EVERYSCENE!) and reduce it to a still “dvd quality” 700mb file, what does that say about the initial quality of the content !? now, im sure that they are going to try to do that now, as when you look @ 1080i or 1080p content, its enormous compared to that of a traditionaly what is considered “great quality”. but isnt this just their failing to learn from history and repeating it? when dvd’s came out 4gb was a lot and css was “unbreakable”, now 29-50gb hd/blu-ray discs is “a lot” and acss is “unbreakable” i dont see why they [mpaa / studios] dont EMBRACE the “fanboys” and experts from the field rather than closing themselves off from them and then ignoring their complaints when the content they release is TERRIBLE, in both content and in format!!! and to further sustain their corporate captialistic nature rather than taking the time to change in the CHANGING WORLD AROUND THEM which gave them their establishment as PROVIDERS not even 100 years ago !?

Say, where are all the flying pink elephants and pigs that should be attached to meaningless statements like these?:S

MPAA are terrorist’s Bush should kick them out of the country or better blow them all up.

The MPAA/RIAA are full of old farts who think a 1980’s-style business model still applies today. They simply refuse to embrace new technology for digital media distribution because they’re a bunch of fascist pigs.

As usual they have things bass ackwards, DRM turns honest users into pirates.

Maybe everyone needs to be in jail because we “MIGHT” commit a crime. Maybe every car produced should have a governor on the engine so we can’t drive over the legal speed limit, or use the car to rob a bank. Maybe a cop should give everyone a ticket because said car MIGHT exceed the speed limit. Give me a break. The RIAA and their cronies are making millions and still aren’t happy.


why dont you lot just shut up no one is forcing you to buy or not to buy ! life is a big unfair circle so get used to it wherever there is money there is trouble and the richest hole in the world the USA seems to have the most trouble ! bikering over this or that just get on with it people :c

“consumers may end up totally disregarding copyright, thus turning them into pirates” Did somebody actually say this with a straight face?

i read it with a straight face, only because i couldn’t believe what i was reading.

I think for this is true. The average Joe off the street would try to copy a DVD, see that his program that came with the burner won’t do it because of some protection, and would forget about it. BUT, if this Joe has a friend at work, who tells hime exactly how to do it, and even tells him where to get the software required, and most people do have a friend like that, then DRM is still worth sh*t. :d

The concept behind all these control strategies is to derive perpetual income and the behaviour behind all these “new world”, “digital age”, etc, concepts is GREED. To derive perpetual income, a genie released with the advent of the acceptance of the idea of intellectual property rights because “software” is cheap to manufacture once the initial work is done, their aim is to extend this concept to everything. They rather you not buy your house if the big boys can convince “Joe Idiot the Indifferent” that renting a house is a good thing except that they hope to make that a permanently legalised situation. Don’t laugh. These devilish types are actually manipulating their political bum pals towards that direction. How about controlling oxygen rentals, eh? Now GREED is not to be confused with mere greed. The GREED behind big business [actually heartless-ness & brainless-ness in reality] is not your typical greed of wanting another burger even though you are bloated. It is the idea of democracy which is not simply fairness to vote. Democracy ONLY works if the majority can comprehend most issues which they don’t nor do they have time for. Why? Because everybody is only interested in their own “well-being” and this well-being is not merely focussed on important matters. Democracy might mean freedom to the simple, but in reality it works out to mean free to be utterly nonsensical and sheer abandonment whereas practical communism works out to mean lacking freedom to be sensible. So, free to plunder, free to corrupt others to “enjoy” better lives, etc. Democracy actually means freedom to be responsible, not freedom to release your wildest and darkest desires for material wealth, to corrupt the easily corrutible to get almost free fuel, free land grabs, free sex licentiousness, free to influence people to buy nonsense by baiting their materialistic instincts, etc. If there is a law to punish these forms of madness, those fronting for the GREEDY entreprenuerials can’t give away their ill-gotten gains fast enough. Imagine, baiting people, through deviant advertisements, by promoting violence, greed, envy, licentiousness, etc, these devilsh types are truly from some type of hell-hole. The ONLY thing common with humans is Love through the expression of the innate higher qualities within us whereas all other forms of “commonalities” are mere states of hypocritical balance-of-power. Like fear & greed, the sado & the maso, etc, or 2 countries within the “UN”. United does not mobbing or ganging up to form 2 opposing teams. It means for the benevolence of ALL, not just the greedy, conniving and the filthy. These GREEDY types are really sick people in reality and they hope to extend their madness of sorts by manipulating injustice to masquerade as justice. How typical, this “New World Order”. It was called the Roman Empire in the olden days, if you care to read history.

i stoped buying cds more then 10 years ago because i read they were to start putting drm on them to stop mp3 backup if i buy a cd i have a legal right to make a backup copy and to mp3 it i will buy a cd from the street for $5 dollars with no copy guard or drm let the riaa die a rotten death and all the big wigs to start riding in vws instead of bmws these singers have to right to make 50 million dollars let them work for a living like i do and the mpaa is nuts they have fat old men who does not even know what a computer is let these fat pigs work for a living i also have a legal right to make a backup copy its the usa law yes wee do have a legal right to do this the copy law was made by bribe taken people in our goverment who get sold like hos on a street corner to the highest bribe taker 1979 law says wee have a right to copy i will never but any hd are you kidding people do not have anything to do with this garbage cds should cost no more then 3.99 at most and movies 10.00 :frowning:

With or without DRM MPAA members will still get caught cheating their artists and writers out of royalties they rightfully earned. I can see why they would think everyone is a crook *laughs