MPAA requests Obama adopt internet piracy filtering



The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) wants President-elect Barack Obama to use Internet filtering to help stop copyright infringement on movies and television shows, along with several other requests.

On Obama’s web site – designed to make trade groups publicly state their requests and intentions – the MPAA posted a “Key International Trade Issues” paper that discusses “the fight against online piracy, including through automated detection and removal of infringing content.”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) supports some of the MPAA’s ideas, such as eliminating commercial optic disc piracy, but the EFF has some serious problems with the MPAA’s requests. The Obama transition team also is expected to continue to put pressure on Malaysia, Korea and other nations where camcording in theaters is a major problem – a problem the MPAA says is a “major source of pirated motion pictures.”

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Is this an honest attempt at getting the administration to help clean up file sharing, or just the MPAA’s latest power grab?


Obama was already said that renewing internet privacy was one of his top priorities in the tech area.


That may be true to certain extend but remember he got elected by grassroots so I doubt he going to renegain on those people who put him in there in the first place. Also the MPAA and RIAA being loosing the court battles so they thought hey why not black mail this new coming president to our sides. Yeah right like he is that stupid to be a sheep in their slaugther. I think he is more smarter then to fall for that ploy. I think Obama will go with the EFF recommendations more then MPAA/RIAA corrupt businessman whom only sees GREED as their constitutiants.


He has a choice to make. Either he goes along with his Hollywood cronies or he stands with the common people against the MPAA/RIAA shotgunning massive numbers of lawsuits based on no credible evidence regarding their merit. His choice will be a good indicator of whether his campaign promises mean something.


Yes I do believe that as well but I as the rest still waiting til he becomes the official president to make those announcements then I see where he goes from there but he shouldn’t forget those whom got him there were from the Grassroots movements and I this time around they won’t be sitting still.


I didn’t vote for him but I have been impressed with his Cabinet choices so far with the exception of AG. He might be more centrist than many thought. I certainly hope he governs that way. Personally, I think the current state of economic affairs will force him to govern from the center.


[QUOTE=jhtalisman;2176567]Obama was already said that renewing internet privacy was one of his top priorities in the tech area.[/QUOTE]

Renewing or reviewing? As it has never existed as far as I knew.


[QUOTE=Zathros;2177028]Renewing or reviewing? As it has never existed as far as I knew.[/QUOTE]

It has existed to some extent, more so before the Patriot Act was passed.