MPAA publishes worldwide Internet piracy report, things are bad!

I just posted the article MPAA publishes worldwide Internet piracy report, things are bad!.

GristyMcFisty and Quakester2000
both reported different articles to us regarding the MPAA’s (Motion Picture
Association of America ) worldwide Internet piracy report,…

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I have always wondered how they do these surveys. Are they over the phone, or is it done in some anonymous way? I am also surprised at the percentage that told the truth. I am sure some also lied about it.

When they call I just tell them my name is ‘Dennis’. :+

:d You’re mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Stats for the sake of Stats! I guess its some state secret how they REALLY GET THESE STATS!!! People that gullible to give this information to someone unknown about this or are the questions mere trickery to initiate a response for the MPAA’s benefit? Btw… Hey HOLLYWOOD (aka ScankyWood)… How about putting out QUALITY RELEASES rather than more brain-dead societal-pacifying mass-exploding brain-erupting flakey-gay-dialogued trite and MAYBE we’ll go back to the theater… OH WAIT… Spiderman2 set a few boxoffice records… Noo… AND YER COMPLAINING??? Hypocrites! :r

Spiderman 2 is without a doubt the most important film of this century. I have placed it above even Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. It is that good. When it opens over in the UK i believe on the 16th of this month. Be sure to see it. Doctor octopus is wicked freakin’ awesome and Tobey McGuire IS Spiderman. :X

One has to assume, given the statistics put out by the RIAA and MPAA, that half the worlds copywrite pirates are looselipped, blabbermouth talkaholics…:X

None of these folks is a true pirate though, they make a copy for themselves and that’s probably about it, I doubt any indulge in mass copying for friends, or for the benefit of selling it on. However I’m sure the MPAA et al don’t see it that way. Which ever way you slice it though, for those who can afford it, they all go to the cinema when there’s something they really want to see, they all buy the DVD, when it’s something they really want to own, the rest of the time they might download it. Probably watch it once, and then maybe never watch it again…so the MPAA and co lose a few bucks…but more importantly is how they sell it to the US government…i.e. is losing bucks as well. Less money to look for those weapons of mass destruction that probably don’t exist!

Crabbyappleton, I hope you were joking about Spiderman and Pirates of the Caribbean. I once had a call from some guy representing some research firm asking me about downloading music online. At the time, I was actually downloading very little music (he asked about my habits during the last six months), so I didn’t have to lie about that. However, he didn’t ask me if I downloaded movies :wink:

Hmm… with Shrek 2 and now Spiderman 2 doing so incredibly well you have to wonder what the fuss is all about. The fact that these movies have done so well only proves that the movie industry is not in any danger… people will still flock to the theatres… when there’s something actually worth seeing.

>>people will still flock to the theatres… when there’s something actually worth seeing. Bite your tongue! You’re supposed to go see every movie, irregardless of how big a pile of crap it is! :r

How many times must it be repeated for those stupid MPAA people… Downloading movies is NOT illegal in several European countries! Remember that.

@kahn- have you seen either movie?!? Yes, of course I am joking, but I really liked Spiderman 2. Every now and then a good science fiction movie comes along. This will be a classic IMHO.

I liked the first Spiderman better :+ But #2 was really good too :slight_smile: