MPAA: PROTECT IP act could prevent a 'lawless Wild West' Internet



MPAA: PROTECT IP act could prevent a ‘lawless Wild West’ Internet.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A press conference espousing the perceived perils of the controversial PROTECT IP bill hosted by the Internet Society and the Center for Democracy and Technology on Thursday morning in Washington, D.C. has already drawn criticism from the Motion Picture Association of America, which promptly issued a statement arguing that the points of view presented by the event's speakers were flawed.

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When the tens of millions of lawsuits against teenagers downloading songs from frostwire/mp3 rocket exc, start pouring in they will have there hands full.

Lawless Wild West…Scare Tactic!!!


frostwire? I thought android & ios apps were the in thing to get songs from now… mainly from free wifi or over cellular networks…