MPAA offers free dowload to parents to scan kids computer

I just posted the article MPAA offers free dowload to parents to scan kids computer.

 esonique used our news submit       to tell us that the MPAA has hired  someone to put together a program called DtecNet that will scan a computer for P2P software  and any coppyrighted music or...
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“I trust them implicitly” :wink:

“Many parents are concerned about what their children have downloaded and where they’ve downloaded it from.” I am sure so is the MPAA when it comes to their profits, bunch of bloodsuckers! Colorful language modified so as not to offend my virgin eyes.
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This thing is worthless. I downloaded and ran it just to see what it detected. It shows legal music downloads from napster as being pirated.

Oh mighy MPAA, please install your spyware on my system and do whatever you deem necessary to destroy ALL EVIL ILLEGAL files on my computer. PLEASE hurry, I am scared of what these files might do to my computer!! :d

@compu44 - LOL! I can see this thing turned into a trojan by haxors that wipes out peoples iTunes and napster collections.
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Excuse while I pick my self off the floor. Too funny.

Wait until kid’s parents run this thing only to discover their porn collection.

I’m a parent and there is no way I’d sanction this psuedo-legal spyware on my network. What is needed is a strong anti-spyware law (like the anti-spam law - only workable) that could then be brought to bear against these guys as well as the other spyware mongers. Spyware, malware and virii are what I’m concerned that my kids might download and this is just another example of it. Filth.
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Maybe this could be a contender for the “Least Downloaded File” award. 99% of people that pirate movies dont go telling their parents “Hey mom, i just stole oceans 12, isnt it kool!” and if they did, their parents obviously dont care. Dan Glickman, you sir are an idiot. When will you learn that the only way to fight movie piracy which gives people FREE movies is to LOWER the cost of seeing movies and buying DVD’s. The world is too big for you to fight and YOU WILL lose eventually, no matter how many people you sue or how many senators you bribe. In the end when the MPAA has exhaunsted all it’s options and piracy is STILL rampant, then maybe you might learn. (sigh)

Well, my father always asks me to download movies for him… Will the MPAA provide me with a gun to sh… erm… make the “appropriate decision”?

God Bless America…the land of the free…

“God Bless America…the land of the free…” Since when?

You mean Canada. I’m actually looking into immigrating within the next year or two. The politicians have been using the constitution as toilet paper for too long. I don’t see it getting any better. Canada is tons more democratic than the US is. Its really sad that this once great nation has turned into this. So, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand…hmmmm
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As you may have gathered, I Am Canadian. :slight_smile:
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How nice of them to do this for us. :S

I taker the pissoir…