MPAA names three private citizens to be sued in Texas

I just posted the article MPAA names three private citizens to be sued in Texas.

MPAA Worldwide Anti-Piracy Director John G. Malcolm, still chanting his mantra of “you can click but you can’t hide” is warning pirates of movie content that they are not anonymous…

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“5 or 10 years in prison” Says it all - the world is officially FVCK3D UP!! Conversation in prison: 1st guy: “How long you in for” 2nd: “10 years, you?” 1st: “unlucky mate, I’ve just got 4, what’d you do?” 2nd: “downloaded a movie, you?” 1st: “kicked some old lady’s head in and stole her life savings, she was in hospital for weeks” Yup - U really gotta love america. I’m sorry but I dont see how ANYONE can even pretend to consider the legal system a system of right and wrong any more, its simply not by any standards. Anyone know how long you get for armed robbery or robbing a bank? I’m thinking maybe I’d be better off robbing a bank and buying all the DVD’s because at least then I wont get done for downloading them and if I get caught the sentence will be less!

It’s a shame how Hollywood just doesn’t “get it”. This kind of heavy handed action is only going to breed more resentment. At best, you’ll get people to modify their habits: i.e. instead of downloading, people will subscribe to netflix. One thing’s for sure, they can’t force people to go to the cinema if they don’t want to. I think people are crying out for a different model, but instead are being sued. If they want us back in the cinema, then figure out a way to make me WANT to come back, they sure as hell aren’t going to be able to “sue” me back in… I’ll just spend my $$ on books or magazines or video games…

Let’s just hope they send the settlement checks to Jennifer Aniston and not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! That two-timing @#$$%!!! :c

it’s very sad and frustrating to see this happening but hey - maybe it’s time to give up illegal downloading?.. me - i pay for movie channels on cable and see them when they get there - anyway most hollywood movies are crap and i prefer the ones shown on IFC and Sundance.

The more the mpaa and riaa bash and abuse their customers, the more we all will continue to migrate to other hobbies. I just finished a great book and the weather outside is beautiful and enjoyable - so who needs any of this nonsense over a poorly made grade b movie or 2! These industries just don’t get it - people will only buy so many movies and cd’s - and the total entertainment money spent is higher than ever - but the competition for those funds is greater. I do not believe this customer abuse will result in higher revenues to these companies. It will have just the opposite effect as we point our leisure time and money to other things. Brad Pitt et al will most likely not end up living on the streets . . . .

"Ain’t no mercy in Texas… " "Ain’t no sense there neither… "

Ah, sure if Dubya was still governor he’d sign your death warrant instead. If he could write that is.
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hollywood does “get it” and they don’t give a damn about a few file sharing individuals. They just want to collect on the rest of the populous oblivious to the sharing scene that pay gladly to take their family out somewhere expensive. It’s just business, you are a commodity.:B

If you don’t like the punishment for a crime get involved in politics or with a special interest group and change the law. Otherwise “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” as Barretta (I think) would say. While I agree the punishment seems a little steep I would hope that you can see that stealing is still stealing. One reason that the punishment seems steep to you is that smaller fines and sentences have not stopped the crime. When the legal system sees that, many times they get more harsh. Just be thankful that you don’t live in a Muslim country where the punishment might be losing your hands.
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Hmmm, what if I were just downloading to see what this p2p stuff is all about? But, b4 I finished I figgered it all out and aborted the download and deleted the “incomplete” files. Are they now saying even a partial download is “illegal”?