MPAA mistakenly threatens Aussie Linux group



I just posted the article MPAA mistakenly threatens Aussie Linux group.

RTV71 used our news submit to tell us “Another fine example of MPAA investigative skills.” In
what appears to be some sort of bureaucratic blunder, the MPAA has set a message
to Linux Australia…

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yay linux


So, at least we now know, that “The Peter Principle” is alive and well and fully functional at MPAA . Hmm I always thought that issuing threatening letters with no legal recourse ,is mail order fraud by any other name! I believe these letters if issued ex USA contravene both the FEDERAL RICO & US MAIL EXTORTION LAWS, oh well such is life let the fun begin:X


Am I missing something? Why would MPAA write to Australians?


Maybe it was the aussie MPAA division. But maybe it was the American empire forcing itself onto the whole world. Hasn’t anyone noticed?
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Intrusion by force…oops, made a mistake, no, we don’t make mistakes no apology necessary…HMmmm??..where have I seen this before…:X