MPAA illegal payoffs to NYPD?

I just posted the article MPAA illegal payoffs to NYPD?.

  According to  New York Post, two NYPD 

veterans are being investigated for allegedly accepting illegal payoffs from MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) in return…

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Tongue in Cheek:* Head nodding :stuck_out_tongue: Eyes rolling :o Shame on you MPAA!

WE FIND THE DEFENDANT GUILTY!!! Until someone can prove him innocent! Shhhhh… heres your money officer!. .thanks a bunch

Thugs are thugs and the RIAA and MPAA have always epitomized that.

What do you expect from the MPAA and a bunch of idiots who shoot a guy 57 times? I have no problem with putting a threatening suspect down, but have the common sense to avoid the media sh!tstorm and just plug him a few times in the Q ring. They need to take a few lessons from my friends in the exemplar of community policing- the LAPD.

Ain’t it great. An ex congressman is the big cheese at the MPAA. So it isnt enough to get laws enforced. Now we have what looks like a payola investigation. If this turns out to be true how in the world could the public think that the testimony and evidence would not be tainted? What a shame that these corporations are in a position to manipulate or influence what law enforcement agencies do and, perhaps, how they conduct themselves while serving the tax payers. We dont need separation of church and state in the USA - We need separation of Corporations and State. I can remember a day when I thought Ralph Nader was a radical in his ramblings about corporate greed and dirty tricks. Now I wish to hell people would have believed him before it was too late. If people dont start writing letters, getting involved and voting against politicians who are in bed with corporate jerks there will be no standard left by which we can define corruption.

yeah my views have really changed over the past few years too. I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter which side is in power, if they are the sole power, such as the conservatives are now in the US it is not good. Power corrupts and the first sign of that I believe is arrogance. And sadly, I don’t think we can vote out all the corrupt politicians because I cannot figure out how to get rid of them all.

We had this same sort of thing happen in Canada but to a different extent. The RCMP got a mailing list during a large bust in Europe of people in Canada who were buying kiddie porn from this group of people. But instead of busting all the people that were on the list, they shelved it, and went after people who were pirating satelite signals. Kinda makes you wonder what has more priority.

btspm; Typical response from a liberal… Lets give you a gun and stick you in a crime riddled neighborhood known for dealing drugs and shootings all while the residents are just like you who think cops are idiots… Since your such the veteran, I guess we can expect you to decide in less then a second whether or not someone has just pulled a gun on you… Afterall, you dont care whether you live or die… You have no idea what goes on as a cop and what goes through their minds and you obviously have no appreciation for them… Your quick to label the entire Police Dept as idiots while you sit and watch the media label them as murderers from the comfort of your home, yet when you need help your all too quick to call them… And just a note on your comment on the LAPD… While another great Police Dept, they have more police shootings then the NYPD… So please speak from your mind and not from your ass next time… And yes there are two cops being investigated for unlawful gratuity, not bribery or bribe receiving… Its more than likely wasnt even money because the gratuity could be in the form of DVD’s or CD’s… Whats interesting is that the MPAA cant be criminally prosecuted for offering the gratuity unlike bribery… Whatever is the case, the true facts are not known yet…
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