MPAA head Valenti will pass torch to former Congressman

I just posted the article MPAA head Valenti will pass torch to former Congressman.

 Although after 40 years of Valenti we were ready  to see him step down, I don't know if a former Congressman will be much of a comfort to those of us interested in technology. Dan...
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:d I see he has placed the customer firmly outside his remit from that speech.

We’ll just have to wait and see. But I can’t imagine they would appoint someone who would waver or not stand up to the profit interests of the industry. Coming full circle, they elected someone who will fight for them and fight against us.

Great, another f****** lawyer. You’ve got to be kidding me.

support the mpaa and their buddies in gov passing new laws making you and your grandma criminals for content you own (and/or increasing the price of blank media even if you have nothing to do with the clowns) by continuing to buy (entertaining??) blockbuster Hollywood movies, folks. :g Their industry really needs to be kept afloat. They haven’t fleeced you enough. More support needed. :B

“As America’s most wanted export, the American movie”…I gotta disagree…The fear in hollywood is that more and more of the “better” movies are being made elsewhere, but I digress. I concur, another f***ing lawyer with one hand on his heart and another on your wallet. Did anybody meet a lawyer they liked ??. Masters of deception and doublespeak. What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the pacific?..a good start!. Will this spaz be any different, I doubt it, his agenda is already laid out before him. Second verse same as the first…:X