MPAA gives P2P movie statistics and upcoming risks with P2P

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 While the RIAA has long been suing those who  illegally share music on P2P networks, the MPAA have given its statistics on the  movie piracy rate and why it waited this long to start targeting ...
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How would one considered outlaw by just showing the direction to some pirate CD shop on the road to some passing strangers?? Thats the problem. :wink:

I’m sorry, but the MPAA is friggin nuts. When the next generation internet becomes available, then yes, they may have a problem – if they don’t make the right move right now. The right move is to allow people to download movies on a subscription basis or at a very low rate, without DRM or other issues. With music, most people listen to it over and over. With most movies you watch it once and then forget about it. If I really like the movie, I buy the DVD, otherwise I just rent it at BlockBuster. Right now, I pay $24.99/mo for unlimited DVD rentals (2 titles at a time) at BlockBuster. I typically pickup new titles 2-3 times a week. This works out to about, say, 20-22 movies a month. In essence, I legally get to watch them for about $1/ea. My parents usually watch them as well. To enable this, the movie company had to produce a disc and then sell it to Blockbuster who I am sure pays some VERY small percentage of each rental back to the movie company. Considering that I am on average paying only slightly more than $1 per title, they CAN’T be paying much back to the movie producers. If the movie companies would get over their fear of digital downloads and let me pay, say $0.50/title to download whatever I wanted, THEY WOULD PROBABLY COME OUT AHEAD IN THE LONG RUN!!! Of course, BlockBuster would go bankrupt, but who cares? Their days are numbered anyway.

When they can afford to pay the actors millions of dollars for starring in the films, it doesn’t appear to be an industry in any kind of financial trouble. Considering recently, they have been releasing films that have been making record amounts at the box office coupled with huge dvd sales, they aren’t too badly off. If 60% of movies do not recover their investment, then it’s probably because the movie wasn’t very good.

I still think RIAA and MPAA bloat figures. I am willing to accept that both loose some money due to internet piracy. However assuming that every copy on the internet is a lost sale really overbloats the fact. I’ve downloaded stuff i’ve seen in the theatre (and paid for). I have a fairly decent sized dvd collection as well. Sure I might stretch the boundries a bit, but they do make money off me. DVD’s are a little expensive so I only but the ones I know i’ll watch a few times.

I see the MPAA is following the RIAA’s lead by pulling numbers out of their a$$es as far as losses go. How do you suppose they came up with $3.5 billion anyway? MPAA Bean Counter: “OK sir, here’s the revised estimates on how much we’re losing due to P2P. I’ve taken into account how much we sell in a month, multiplied it by 40, and then multiplied by 3 because it’s really icky.” MPAA Exec: “Add 5 more zeros to that amount and we’re good. And be quick about it, I’ve got a business lunch at Morton’s with the other execs.”
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Ixne Said: “Add 5 more zeros to that amount and we’re good. And be quick about it, I’ve got a business lunch at Morton’s with the other execs.” Of course, that business lunch at Morton’s will be added to the amount lost too, since they will discuss the problem. I’m sure they can come up with at least a few million in extra losses that way! :stuck_out_tongue: