MPAA falsely accuses website of distributing pirated movies

I just posted the article MPAA falsely accuses website of distributing pirated movies.

It looks like the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) doesn’t always play it fair. In 2001 they accused of distributing copyrighted movies including the third episode of…

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I’d like to know what it REALLY was what we’re offering, of which the MPAA thought it was LOTR Return Of The King!? :o

Moral of the story is (for MIAA at least) “Piss into the wind and your bound to get some sprayback”…:7

MAN, is there anything to protect these sort of people from these guy (MPAA),i dont think so. :frowning: :(:frowning:

I think when (hopefully) the lose this lawsuit, it will show others that they in fact can stand up against the giant, and even win.