MPAA deals protect Usenet

I just posted the article MPAA deals protect Usenet.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to send us this alarming tidbit regarding the MPAA’s lack of interest regarding numerous illegal files available over Usenet. Despite what would…

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:slight_smile: What a waste of time by the MPAA. A much better use of their time would be to put their energy into developing some great screenwriters and stop putting out awful movies that lack originality and substance. The MPAA puts out mostly two types of trash. Sequals (after sequals, after squels) and remakes of either older U.S. or Foreign films. They whine and cry about how the awards go to the “non Hollywood films”. The reason is, their movies stink. The overwhelminly best movies are independent films where creatvitiy, passion, great writing, taking chances, passion, great characters and great acting lives. We must remember, the BIG movie coming from the MPAA studios this year is going to be a Rocky sequal !! (I am not kidding). I think it might be called “Rocky collects Social Security”. Jon :wink:

Hhahahahhha! the problem is that the MPAA has struck a deal with GUBA.COM
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The MPAA puts out “trash” because that’s what the global economic situation supports. Look at the last few Academy winners and nominees. Do you think Crash, Brokeback Mountain, or Million Dollar Baby can be easily localized? People just don’t go to the movies enough to justify spending very much money on films that only have a chance in the domestic market. Mindless action flicks on the other hand not only draw the largest movie-going demographic in the U.S. (young people), they can also be shipped around the globe with a decent chance of drawing well since they don’t depend on the subtle nuances of the English language and/or an American cultural perspective. Almost all the major studios now have boutique offshoots that focus on smaller budget films that don’t have to compete with King Kong, Superman Returns, etc. If you are fed up with the splashy offerings, go look up Fox Searchlight’s catalog, or Paramount Classics’s.

The movie V FOR VENDETTA was incredible and not trash.I saw the divx and will be buying the DVD.Gotta support the good flicks for sure.But yeah they need to lower prices, put out great flicks that people will actually want to see more than once and distribute online and their headache will be less severe.My 2 cents.

V For Vendetta was poorly executed rubbish. This film is a typical example of the mindless trash that is churned out of HollyWart all the time.

I read the comic when it first came out. Had every issue in plastic covers. Wife was clearing up years later. Landfill now.

a bit off-topic guys. Remember to keep posts limited to the article at hand. Where you can, add input or information regarding the MPAA’s blatant oversight in this case. If you want to discuss movies, go to our main forum and the Living Room. You’ll find some threads on the best and worst movies. :wink:

Could it be the MPAA reps don’t have the smarts to understand how to work the software for Usenet? Just a thought.

hmmm, usenet software is one cumbersome piece of software to use. so many lines, so many attachments. Even to do posting, some servers will have u activate the option to do so. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why people shy away from usenet. I must say, torrents are just clicks away and FREE but it jams the network with too many connections. Now, my ISP is implementing traffic shaping and worse, shapping everything from surfing to emails. Torrent is brilliant but also the worse creation ever. IMHO. :slight_smile: