MPAA claims only they can create content that people want



MPAA claims only they can create content that people want.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Unless the US is going to throw out the law, then the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is not going to get its wish to become a monopoly; people were listening to what the MPAA had to say at the Association of American Publishers annual meeting this morning, and their one-sidedness, blatant propaganda, and profiteering agenda were made very transparent.

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The MPAA has the nerve to call someone else a liar??? LMFAO! Long live the King of Pirates!


It’s about time that the USA, and the world world recognised these industry as a threat to fair trade, government & human rights .

Why is there no punishment for actions which are anti-American, and anti-consumer
It’s high time that consumers put these pirates in their place, ironically named because of their dishonest & antisocial behaviour and money grabbing.

They aren’t just acting badly, they’re also purposely subjugating laws and citizen rights in the pursuit of their own gain.

They’re traitors to their own nation.

It’s a pity that anonymous hadn’t published names and contact details so that protests can be directed to them :iagree:


[B]MPAA claims only they can create content that people want[/B]

Since when does the MPAA actually create [I]anything[/I]? Aren’t they just a licensing and regulatory bunch of thugs?


I saw this video and now I see the light, no wonder the country is having so many economic problems


MAFFIA Creating content? haha that’s a joke.