MPAA caught 'uploading fake torrents'



I just posted the article MPAA caught ‘uploading fake torrents’….

An interesting article on Torrentfreak provides a body of strongly suggestive and up-to-date evidence that the MPAA is acting as agent provocateur; deliberately uploading fake files to torrent…

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MPAA can go F themselves, all of them


Pretty stupid move by the MPAA. If the files are fake, no crime has been committed. If the files are copyrighted, but don’t match the torrent description, they can’t prove intent. And if the files are the real deal, the MPAA is voluntarily providing them and has no case. Perhaps it’s just a screening method to round up IP addresses for further scrutiny.


As Sherlock [yes, Holmes], used to tell me whenever we meet, “Motive dear boy, motive”. If we need to know the make-up of any entity, all we need to know is their motive. The motive of kleptomaniacs, whether they are a gang at the helm of a government masquerading as saviours to “democratise” poor dumb natives, or some “wealth creation” low-life camouflaged as technological wizards of CEOs/CFOs, or [in]famous and vain pimps/whores glitzying their lack of chatity as if humans have no sense of shame [and NO you idiot/lunatic, we are not talking about those religious nutters and their guilt-inducing nonsense called “holier than thou” moralising. We are talking about walking naked in the street and feeling shameful], they are merely pimps and whores involved in the fashion of stealing. Since nobody breathes for others, ALL humans are selfish individuals [even though occassionally, the Truth wills out, for a split second, as they gaze into an untarnished mirror]. The modern theme of IPR, because it has no morality incorporated into it’s foundation, is about achieving perpetual income. The ultimate dream of ALL thieves, above and beyond their dreams of prostitutes, drugs, denigration of others with mansions, yachts, planes, “sophisticated” tastes, infamy, limelight, reportage, and similar. It’s one thing to steal and it’s another to corrupt but stealing through corruption of others’ sensibility takes the cake. Now, if a crook were to declare outright [and some do but only when they don’t need to or can’t hide any more] that he wants “your income, forever”, a groupie might hissingly reply, “…but you’ve been shafting me since 1.00 am, can I have more afgani red then …”, or your typical “national anthem singing/flag-waving/sports screaming” drugged he-man might blast, “who the hell you think you are tryin’ to fool, BOY…”, or perhaps some sane, sensible and balanced individual might offer, “hhmmm , another mad yankee, land of the free-grab export, let’s see how far they can go this time …”. Take your pick. It’ll end up the same for as long as the mass media is controlled by immoral, greedy, cowardly, hypnotised self-serving idiots and lunatics, nothing is going to change the course of SS Earth/SS Sanity as it heads for that big iceberg. Problems can ONLY be solved firstly, through moral [NOT moralistic] individuals and thence collectively, others. Corruption and immorality starts with the individual. The kleptomaniacs are merely offering what a hypnotised human wants. You really can’t blame a virus for what it is and you can’t blame a thief for being who he is. He knows no other job for stealing is his principle. Knock off one arm of an octopus and another grows in it’s place. Our job is to firstly, avoid immorality and thence become moral, or true to ourself and it does not matter if others are not so. The real question within all these seemingly bad stuff that exists is, do we want to relinquish whatever that gives us meaning for existing. Without correcting ourself first, we have no chance of correcting others. The immoral IPR wagon that stands today, needs to be changed, not so much their lackeys in whatever form they are dressed as. The theme for perpetual income needs a moral spirit, not one based on greed and greed is not so much within the kleptomaniacs, it is within our ignorance of the way “things” work. Of how we are made and why do we respond to and support something that nails us in the end. Identifying the thief is only the first step for that thief is, in some small measure, part of us. Don’t go saying “NO”, for if you own a house and house prices “miraculously” rise, would you say “NO” to that? That is the kleptomaniac within all of us for in reality, we couldn’t care what happens to others. Or else we’d say “NO” to many, many immoral practices. We are merely “playing” with russian roulette thinking that when our turn comes, we would make sure that the bullet chamber is empty… even if it is saying, “please god” [witness Saddam at his hanging]…… and God is not so much in the religion that is without [on the outside], God is the Truth within all true humans and that aspect is the ONLY quality that is comman to ALL. Everything else divides.