MPAA anti-piracy operation across ASIA collects 6.75m discs

I just posted the article MPAA anti-piracy operation across ASIA collects 6.75m discs.

 An  anti-piracy operation across Asia run as Operation Red Card between early May  and mid-July has been regarded as a success according to the MPAA after the  operation resulted in the seizure...
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i feel piracy will only stop if they lower the prices on discs and downloads. i prefer an original but they get quite costly, i mean come on $20 for a movie! i like $5-$10 and i try hard to only pay that. and i do a damn good job:B

They claim that global piracy has cost the MPAA members $6.1 billion in lost sales last year.
That’s like Bentley claiming they lost 100.000 car sales because people bought cheap cars.

Man, I wish it was possible for me to arrest and prosecute and/or sue everyone who ever cost me money. I guess it all goes back to the Golden Rule: Those who have the gold make the rules. :r

HAHAHAAAA good 4 them…BTW Bentley is a bad anology. Its not an intellectual property plus you cant build a knockoff bentley for a fraction of the cost. I believe in digital consumer rights or consumer rights period. But one day I thought I bought a genuine Pioneer headset on ebay from someone in china for 1/3 the price. And got screwed with a knockoff. Theres fake Rolexes, Video Cards clothing all kinds of stuff from the east thats fake.Piracy cant be stopped but I say gotta try.