MPAA anti-piracy campaign targets colleges & Google

MPAA anti-piracy campaign targets colleges & Google.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The MPAA is on a quest to aid the US government in censoring the internet, with the latest targets of their propaganda campaign being the nation’s colleges and universities as well as Google’s internet search operations.

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Are they gonna kill Musgle? Oh noes!

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2561841]Are they gonna kill Musgle? Oh noes![/QUOTE]
That will be in a few days, I’m sure :wink:

“The problem with the MPAA’s actions is not that they are attempting to combat illegal activity, but rather the underhanded tactics they have a history of using to get their way. They have repeatedly spread misinformation and spent millions of dollars lobbying lawmakers to fight for their agenda. If internet censorship does take place it should at least be based upon fact and logical reason. The information the MPAA is spreading is neither.”

Suggest that those Americans that can actually still read, go to their local Library (if it hasn’t already been censored) and lookup the rise of a certain German Political Party of the 1930’s. See any similarities?

Yeppirs, olddancer, and to paraphrase George Carlin in one of his HBO specials about the students being forced to wear like-uniforms in the schools “I remember going to the movies, and the news reels would show a lot of other kids in the same uniforms; but I couldn’t understand them, it was all in German…”

Same scenario, differnt decade…

Godwin’s Law confirmed in only four posts! :clap:

…Detchland uber alles, seig heil!!:bow: