MPAA and RIAA nab physical pirates

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appears that the RIAA and the MPAA have made a small dent in the world of physical piracy. They have teamed up with New York’s finest and and have seized some Dvd burners,…

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And no doubt there there was drinks all round, backslapping, pockets lined and palms greased…:X

This seams a anti-climax after going from mums and dads of kids downloading a song or 2

It does seem ironic that after brow beating thousands of citizens into settlements that this is the best the RIAA and MPAA can do for going after profiteers. I am glad to see that the folks who are generating income from illegal CDs and DVDs are being targeted, but I doubt the RIAA is going to give up their cash cow strategy of searching out those who share files and blackmailing them into paying up to stay out of court. Perhaps someday the public will be educated enough to get that they can live a wonderful life without the RIAA or MPAA. It seems like a wonderful time for independents with less agressive or harmful strategies to take a share of the market. Perhaps then our government resources wont be diverted supporting the entertainment industry and people wont have to scrutenize what they do on the internet just to make sure they dont get in the way of the corporations. Perhaps technology would be able to flourish instead of scores of other industries dodging advances and new technology simply because they might somehow pose a threat to the entertainment moguls. Perhaps the RIAA and MPAA should be told the same thing other industries have learned and that is if you can’t make your business model work in the present environmnet change your model or get out of town. When we reach a point where corporations are the source of harassment to citizens, government intervention and the iron-walled keepers of creativity solely for profiteering things have gone too far.
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err… I live in NYC and you cant even go in a fast food without being asked to buy 3 DVD movies for the price of 10$. it would take a gestapo type of police to stop this in NY :r

If “EVERYONE” is so busy downloading protected material, how can there be a market for physical pirating?

Just like the fight on drugs, fighting copyright piracy is never going to be won…

A distinctly minor victory but a good one nonetheless, on principle. However it is hard to direct any goodwill towards organizations which are themselves two of the biggest legitimized thieves in the business world, using tactics and “business practices” that show them to be no better and in some cases a great deal worse than those they are tracking down. The Mob would be proud of those two.

You all are so Biased. I believe in Fair use, But I believe an artist should get paid.been to the phillipines, Hardly anyone there buys Legal copies anymore. The malls there stock softwares that run for $1.50. U ever download shareware and see a donation button?? People gotta get paid man you all work for free at your jobs??? Idiots:(

hehe, good for the filipinos :stuck_out_tongue: :d screw the riaa and mpaa!