MPAA and RIAA Call for Copyright Police State



Just days after the U.S Government acknowledged that the entertainment industries have misled the authorities with bogus piracy reports, the RIAA and MPAA are using those same statistics to convince the copyright czar to transform the Internet into a copyright police state.

The PRO-IP Act is a United States law that aims to toughen current anti-piracy measures.

As part of the Act, President Obama appointed Victoria Espinel as the new copyright czar last year. Espinel announced a public consultation a few months ago, looking for comments and suggestions from the U.S. public on how to deal with piracy.






I just don’t grasp the concept that all entities on earth, that have anything to do with media or electronics, should have to change to satisfy and/or protect the recording and motion picture industries. There was a day when business was based on competition and ingenuity and if a business could not cut it in a real world environment they faded away. Perhaps it is time to allow creativity to flourish without the corporate control freaks.

In my lifetime I have seen radio stations all but stop announcing songs and artists. I have seen television networks drop full length weekly television shows featuring music and entertainment. The are no longer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (etc.) Night movies on the major networks. Music videos are occupying less air time even on the mighty MTV networks. Bars have fewer and fewer bands and music because of performing rights, composer rights and other money grubbers wanting in their pockets. The music shop is almost extinct and the quality of the online ,crappy, DRM jacked up, MP3 downloads aren’t worth much of anything. It seems to me the entertainment industries have become such a pain in the ass that people just don’t want the bullshit of dealing with them anymore.

How 'bout the politicians just tell these folks in LA and Hollywood to take a hike and let the chips fall where they fall. if the MPA and RIAA can’t cut it in a modern world they can just move over and let the next Bill Gates work it out. Does the world really give a shit about the entertainment industry when we are hell bent on economic disaster and radical jackwads in Iran are working up their Nukes? Screw the entertainment industry. I’ll take a good fishing trip over 90 percent of the crap rolling out of Southern California.