MPAA: actual P2P distribution often "impossible" to prove


Copyright holders shouldn’t have to prove that an unauthorized distribution of their work occurred in order to collect damages, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. The group made its argument in an amicus brief filed on Friday to Judge Michael Davis, the judge overseeing the Jammie Thomas trial, after he asked for feedback from the industry before deciding whether to order a mistrial. Both sides realize that the stakes are high and are throwing everything they’ve got Judge Davis’ way.



I will repeat what I said in a previous thread here:-

So judge jury and executioner all rolled into one.
What happened to mens rhea. Guilty knowledge, a component required for conviction in criminal cases, together with evidence of wrong doing?
How can an organization get away with these asinine comments.
I despair with this headlong rush to criminalize and ruin ordinary people so that a CEO can justify their salary and bonus.
Come the revolution they in the MPAA should be the first facing a firing squad.

Well, worst comes to works, we’ll have to take it back old school and give our friends burned copies of our discs. lol. :bigsmile:

at least that’s a big step forward from making mix tapes :wink:

Totally. I remember listening to the radio all day to hear a song so I could record it. Those were the days…

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