MPAA Activity Patch in Boy Scouts

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grimsdottir used our news submit to forward information regarding the MPAA’s ‘educational’ program to help combat piracy. Something that began with indoctrinating college students to…

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gotta start somewhere, how about a patch for every 5 people they identify and report

yeah! Almost sounds like a ‘musical version’ of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, doesn’t it? This is really disturbing, because instead of showing boys how to pitch a tent or do something useful, they’re trying to make them zombies to do their dirty work for them. :r

Ohhhh Some Great Ideas For New Boy Scout Badges: 1) The Consumer Badge - Teach Boy Scouts to identify recorded media that has 75 percent or more crap music. This is almost a freebee. 2) The Anti Hacker Badge - Teach Boy Scouts to rapidly deploy and identify RIAA member products with root kits and other trojan acting consumer products. 3) The Fair Use Badge - Teach Boy Scouts to identify RIAA member products that defeat fair use through the use of copy protection and DRM schemes. 4) The Payola Badge - Teach Boy Scouts to conduct surveillance at large market radio stations and gather evidence of record execs buying of progran managers with cocain, hookers and gifts. 5) The Royalty Badge - Teach Boy Scouts to audit the books of RIAA members and gather evidence against those cheating artists out of their royalties. Gosh! If only we had the money to buy off the Boy Scouts and get their organization to create badges that serve our interests too.

It’s official now. Boy Scout = Hitler Youth

rla: Well said. :slight_smile:

I must second such creative and useful input. Very good thinking, rla! :B

It’s quite amusing to see Hollywood now promoting moralism, after attaking traditional morality for so long. And all because they think it will get them more $$$$

Think about it: A lot of these hollywood executives promoting this copyright moralism in the boy-scouts are the same ones who hate the boy scouts for not accepting gay members.

LOL, I don’t think the Hitlerjugend was interested in moralizing about copyrights. They weren’t THAT beholden to corporations. And even if they had moralized about copyright you can bet they wouldn’t have been taking lectures on morality from an organization that has been attacking traditional morality for more than half a century.

What’s next? Getting the kiddies to snitch on people like the Hitler Youth?

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I think the MPAA is trying to create its own Youth program through the Boy Scouts. Being an Eagle Scout I think the BSA should feel shamed for approving of this.

Being the united institutionalized mass that they are, they’ll gobble this up just like they gobble up their beloved CEO’s, and their beloved politicians. Fortunately at the rate they’re dying in Iraq, this nonsense won’t last long.

Some more all-American merit badges: 6) Steve Jobs worshipping badge. 7) Tripling your CEO’s salary while you starve badge. 8) Getting Barrak Obama elected badge.

First this merit badge doesn’t exist. Second this happen in California. Most people that live their have a screw loose. Third they are teaching boys to be leaders. Some of you have no idea what your talking about.

well if you read the title it does not say a merit badge, it says activity patch. difference being a activity badge is not required to go up in ranks.

Hmmm, maybe I should join the Boy Scouts. that way, if I get caught downloading illegal things on P2P …I can say I am just working on my “activity patch”. :d :+


Hollywood only promotes moralism when it promotes their political agenda or makes more money. Not in that order, of course.