MPAA accused of slander

I just posted the article MPAA accused of slander.

someone has finally taken a stand against the MPAA. New Century Media Corp. was
raided for allegedly being an illegal Cd/Dvd replicating plant. The owner
of the facility has stated…

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bring’ em on :d

This is an example of what may happen when government officials are influenced by big industry. The officials become puppets. Now we have previously untainted enforcement officials going around helping, perhaps unknowingly helping, the MPAA create these allegedly false press releases and grabbing headlines. Now we have allegations that the MPAA may not only be presenting less than the truth (gee imagine that), but may have taken up the practice of slandering innocent people and hurting smaller business for the sake of their grandios an seemingly rutheless campaign. Are we now at the point where tax payers are facilitating a campaign engineered by a single industry group. When was the last time a major motion picture was produced for the sole purpose of generating revenue for the public benefit, for hunger, disease or any other relevant charitable purpose? What do these people give back for all that they have asked for over the years? Is this a hint of how things were done when Dan Glickman was in congress?

every year the world gets worse and worse hope they sue there ass :B

what a bunch of slackers and wankers the MPAA are! Question when will they declare that sales of all dvd’s of movies out of copyright illegal?

Well I hope they tell the MPAA to keep the DVDs and sue them for $30,000,000 plus punative damages :d That’ll teach them to over exaggerate!

you mean a multi billion dollar conglamerate of a combined industry influencing law enforcement made an error that will no doubtfully destroy a small competator that had the potental to become a large competator compared to the industries cheap foreign labor market?

i am really ashamed as an american now. not only it gets more & more acceptable everyday to help help big buisnesses with our(people in us) but also to execuse those harm innocent people by negligence in the name of fighting with terror. i am concerned that our (people in us) government become a terror itself who’s going to protect people like yu? where is the spirit of america? here is quote from lincoln “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” well, i don’t think we are going to have a nation of people but of mpaa & riaa + other big companies america, yeah!!!

dont forget the loser heroes from Southern California High Tech Task Force; they deserve to be sued big time!:d

“sounds like a band of loser super heroes” Omg, LMAO! Nice article Nosmartz.

I think that the MPAA should get sued for this and the Southern California High Tech Task Force because the MPAA knew what they were trying to do. The Southern California High Tech Task Force because the government should support them and if they did get sued them I think a lot more people would be pissed of because then they would see what they to with tax money. Also they say that America is free and all the propaganda but its not the countries I Euro give the people more freedom then this country.

Just another nail in the coffin of competition in the US. Yes in the past I may have said some stupid idiotic unamerican seeming rant to this, but understand where they are going. People no longer have rights in the USA. Good example…the Supreme Court yesterday stated it was perfectly fine for your land to be seized under eminent domain, for a corporation to build whatever they hell they want. You no longer have rights it seems if you do not have several million dollars. Government for the people, by the people? It sadly seems that your government is now for the rich by the rich. I really hope the sheeple in the USA wake up and realize that their government no longer cares for them, or things will get much worse.

Speaking of losing rights, in the land of the dollar (everything in America is based on the dollar and nothing is allowed to be free so I can’t call it the land of the free anymore) local governments can now legally take your land & property and hand it over to big businesses in the guise of boosting the local economy and job market. Yes that’s right - businesses - not altruistic purposes like road expansion or park creation. Businesses. …As ruled by a Supreme Court that’s taken the concept of “land of the dollar” to heart.