MPA nabs largest burning operation in India

I just posted the article MPA nabs largest burning operation in India.

decided that with the help of the Mumbai police in India, they
could confiscate a few pirated movies if their hunch was correct. Well,
they were indeed spot on with their…

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3,628,800 / 365 days ~ 9,942 dvd/day 9,942 DVD/day / 10 hours ~ 994 dvd/hour 994 DVD/hour / 42 burners ~24 DVD/burner/hour Which burner is capable of producing 24 DVD/hour or 1 DVD at every 2.5 minute? Not counting the time for loading the blank, the heat of the burner, the human errors? This MPA are nuts or I am wrong with the numbers?

… and not counting that how many people need to load 42 burners at every 2.5 minute, day by day, a whole year…

come on we should all be used to their insane math! You know it is always impossible for any of their busts to post the REAL world value, they must always inflate it ot some obscene dollar amount to make it look like they are actually doing something, to hide the fact they are screwing the consumer in the end and justifying their highprices for their crappy movies!