MP5240A-DP 4x DVD+RW/+R drive

I just read on the front page that the MP5240A-DP 4x DVD+RW/+R drive might be another rebadged NEC?!

I tested the MP5120A which AOpen rebadg as a DVRW2412Pro (also tested) for PCPowerPlay magazine Australia. Which DVD Ricoh is a rebadged NEC?

Other writers I tested were:

Lacie DVD-R/RW rebadged Pioneer A03 (external FireWire)
Panasonic L-D321E RAM/R
Panasonic LF-D311SC RAM/R with DVD Movie Studio
Sony DRU-120A DVD+RW
External Sony DRU-120A (sweet firewire unit)

Fact: a “4.7GB” DVD recordable holds 4.7 billion bytes but only 4.3 GigaBytes

No the Ricoh MP5240A is not a rebadged NEC. It writes to DVD+RW in 4x vs. 2.4x for NEC ND-1100A, CD-R in 24x vs. 16x for NEC ND-1100A, it supports DVD+MRW (Mt. Rainer) which NEC ND-1100A doesn’t etc.