I have tried some trial or demo program that would change mp4 to avi, but all of the show a error message saying that they could not open the mp4 file and mp4camavi is for digital camera and it did not work for the file I am using. Is there anything that you can change these mp4 files into a format that you can record with,

Have a look at
on the left side of the screen you have a link to tutorials about a lot of video issues, including format conversion.
There are several packages but I think you’ll find something interesting and comments on the package you consider.

I usually use SUPER for this

mp4 can be played by Quicktime.
Quicktime pro can also convert files I believe…

You should be able to demux video and audio using YAMB (frontend to mp4box) and then mux it back using VirtualDub or similar.

I extracted the mp4 into a avi file. Now when I try to open it window explorer crashes. What am I doing wrong

where would I find these codec and what would I need to do with them

Just install them. The codec just decompresses the files so you can play them. If you’re using Windows Media player consider using a different player to watch clips. Zoom Player, VLC Player and Media Player Classic are very good. Consider installing Quicktime Alternative instead of Quicktime to watch your files. It’s much better than having the QT player installed IMO. You can get all of these programs over at their ‘Tools’ section.

You can DL codecs here . Don’t install them all only what you need. If you DL Gspot it will let you know what codec a file uses. After all of this i’d try to convert the file with Super as stated above.

Response to a PM…

[B]Using Super[/B]…mostly it´s straight forward, and I use it for several different conversions. It´s basically a simple interface…click onto the conversion you want,
but sometimes you will have to tweak the settings if the defaults don´t do it right…therefore a bit of fiddling around. If you really know what you are doing, then it´s probably easier…

Something like

  1. select output container
  2. select video codec
  3. select audio codec

Drag and drop your file to be converted…click “encode”

Test the result…adjust frame rates, bitrates etc…

Been a while since I´ve done this one, so exact settings…? May vary according to the specs of your starting file…Play around…should get it right eventually.

Thank you. It is working now. I was no where close to what you had in the picture.