Mp4 to mp4 avc - File to Mobile - Blank Screen with Audio

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone else is having my issue and do you have a solution??

I have a few downloaded mp4 movie files that are not compatible with the ps3. I updated to the latest version of dvd fab and tried the file to mobile option.

I used the ps3 default settings and converted the movie. Once it was complete I checked it on my PC and it worked fine. I then put it in my movie folder to be streamed to my ps3. I have audio but no picture!!

I have tried this with a couple of movies and have the same result.

I completely removed all traces of dvdfab and reinstalled it but that did not help.

I contacted customer support but still haven’t heard back from them. Does someone here have the answer??

I will more than likely purchase one or more of the dvdfab products if I get this to work.

Hi daveg
I don’t have a PS3, but try changing the framerate, video bitrate or screen size. Many other members have them, maybe one of them will be able to help you. Hard to know for sure without having the same original file to analyze. Run it through MediaInfo and see what it says about the video.