MP4 to dvd?

Can anyone help with converting mp4 to dvd? I am looking for free software that can do this rather than buying. I just have a lot of movies in mp4 format that i want to convert. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!

Are these protected files, as in iTunes video? “MP4” can be almost anything, and not all formats can be converted by all programs.
a few freebies there.I think Super does MP4 to dvd as well,but not quite sure…

Thanks i will give it a try. I have a program to convert to mp4 to put onto itunes, but the videos are not from itunes.

The resulting video will probably look like crapola though…going from such a low bitrate. The MPG4s were intended for viewing on a tiny screen.

[quote=Spammer DanielTaylor;2172861]I also have many mp4 videos and I also tried to find some free software to help me. What I get? about 20 corrupt DVD discs. My god, i can’t trust free software of this type anymore. At last, this mp4 to dvd software resolved my problem spam://crap.junk Do have a try.[/quote]… und Tschüss. :cop:

convertX previously known as DivXtoDVD is THE best for this in my view !

ConvertXtoDVD is good.
Roderunner with IMGburn how do you do both audio ts and video ts (dvd format) to DVD? I normally use Alcohol120 for iso burns

Use Build mode.

I can send you free software that converts MP4s to DVDs. Trouble is, I don’t have enough posts to email you.

@ macbass , Here’s a chance to add to your post count.
Do you think that maybe dlambert solved this in the last 6 years ?

Thanks for your post. That gives the necessary 5 to email someone.
If anyone else wants that software, let me know and I’ll email it to you.


look this , maybe can help you .

^ I wouldn’t wish that software on my worst enemy.

Use a free program called AVStoDVD to convert mp4 to dvd video. There is a guide for its use in my signature.

I don’t need any conversion software if that’s what you are implying. I have all I need for my mac.