MP4 Players or converters?

Hey Guys, I’m have uploaded some videos from my Samsung e720 and they come up as .mp4, i was wondering if there was any extensions so these can play in WMP or Winamp? if not any players play these?

Even better a converter that would convert MP4 to another audio format like WMV or so.

Wasn’t sure where to post this one.

Cheers for any information,

Depending on what format it really is, it should be playable by winamp and other players.

I’ve tried both Winamp and WMP but it doesnt work.

Then load it into a audio tool and try to convert.

Yeah, thats what i was asking.

What converters is there that would do this?

I did a quick search and it seems that in order to play .mp4 files in Winamp you need a special plugin:

MP4 input plugin for Winamp 2004-07-09
Plays AAC and MP4 in Winamp2 and Winamp5. Uses FAAD2. Includes MP4 tagging.

You can find it somewhere at the bottom of the page

Hope it’ll work out fine for you!

Cheers for the link, although, what is a .dll file?

Glad to see you found the zip file. It contains 1 file in_mp4.dll

I don’t use Winamp anymore myself, but I think this is what you have to do:

Locate the folder you installed Winamp in, e.g. C:\Winamp
It should contain a subfolder C:\Winamp\plugins

Just put the dll file in this folder and that’s that! You may have to restart your computer in order to get it working. Should you still have problems just let me know.

.dll is a Direct Link Library, works like a sub-program with code for a specific software/tool.

Hello, I cut and pasted the .dll to the Winamp Plug In folder, i restarted my computer and then tried to open the .mp4 video in Winamp, it said Audio not supported :rolleyes:


Tried to load into Nero Recode 2?
Should make your MP4-files work in any Mediaplayer that uses DirectShow.
Although it does require some tweaks to ffdshow etc.

I cannot find the download link on that page?

Top right, there stands “Download”.

Quicktime plays these formats.

all sorted. Cheers for help again.